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Black Clover

Short Summary

Ryuudou Ryuuya explained to Asta what the Shogun was by telling him that it was equivalent to the “Wizard King” of his country. The Shogun brings Asta to the town, where he learns that the citizens are not using Grimoires. Ryuudou Ryuuya said that instead of Grimoires, they were using scrolls to perform sorcery. He also explained that sorcery and sorcery power is the equivalent of magic and magic power.

Shortly, bandits appeared and caused a commotion. Asta witnessed how the Shogun saved a mother and a child from danger. At this moment, Ryuudou reveals that he has no sorcery power. He then decides to leave the fighting to Ichika. The bandits laughed at Ichika, which annoyed the young girl. Ichika then attacked the bandits and easily defeated them.

With the skills that he witnessed, Asta tried to approach Ichika, but he was immediately stopped by the girl. Ryuudou Ryuuya then revealed that Ichika is Yami’s younger sister.

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About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. Shueisha serialized the production of the Black Clover manga and started its publication in 2015. Currently, the Black Clover manga already has a total of 28 volumes. In 2017, the anime TV adaptation began, but the staff decided to stop the production for an unknown reason in March 2021, garnering a total of 170 episodes. Following the end of the anime series, Studio Pierrot revealed that the series will be getting an anime film.

The Black Clover series follows the story of Asta, a boy born without any magic power. Being magicless in the world is unusual as everyone seems to possess their own unique magic power. Despite being a magic-less boy in a world full of magic, Asta dreams of becoming the next Wizard King.