Is Aokiji a spy Blackbeard in One Piece?

Based on the information provided, it is unclear whether Aokiji is a spy for Blackbeard in the series One Piece. While the latest chapter confirms that Aokiji is a member of the Blackbeard Pirates, fans have speculated on the nature of their partnership.

Some believe that Aokiji may be a double agent for SWORD or the Revolutionary Army, while others speculate that he could be fooling Blackbeard similar to how X Drake fooled Kaido. It is also possible that Aokiji has aligned with Blackbeard to sabotage him or to reach Laugh Tale.

However, there is no definitive information regarding Aokiji’s affiliation or whether he is a spy for Blackbeard.

Key Points:

  • Aokiji’s affiliation with Blackbeard is confirmed in the latest chapter.
  • Fans have speculated about the nature of Aokiji’s partnership with Blackbeard.
  • Some believe Aokiji may be a double agent for SWORD or the Revolutionary Army.
  • Others speculate that Aokiji could be deceiving Blackbeard, similar to X Drake’s deception of Kaido.
  • Aokiji may have aligned with Blackbeard for sabotage or to reach Laugh Tale.
  • There is no definitive information on Aokiji’s affiliation or whether he is a spy for Blackbeard.

Fans Speculate On Aokiji’s Partnership With Blackbeard

With the latest chapter of One Piece confirming that Aokiji is indeed a member of the Blackbeard Pirates, fans are now buzzing with speculation about the nature of their partnership. As one of the former three Admirals of the Marines, Aokiji’s alignment with Blackbeard raises numerous intriguing questions.

Some fans believe that Aokiji may be playing a double agent role, secretly working for either the clandestine organization, SWORD, or the Revolutionary Army. Aokiji’s previous actions, such as his clash with Akainu during the Marineford War, have hinted at his potential affiliation with the forces opposing the World Government.

This theory suggests that Aokiji is leveraging his position within the Blackbeard Pirates to gather crucial information or disrupt their plans.

Similar to the way X Drake deceived Kaido by infiltrating his ranks, there is the possibility that Aokiji is fooling Blackbeard. By pretending to be a loyal member of his crew, Aokiji could be executing a carefully crafted plan to sabotage Blackbeard’s ambitions or track his movements to reach the legendary Laugh Tale.

Aokiji’s Potential Double Agent Role For SWORD Or The Revolutionary Army

Aokiji’s status as a former Admiral and his clashes with the current Fleet Admiral, Sakazuki, fuel speculation about his potential double agent role for either SWORD or the Revolutionary Army. SWORD, the anti-pirate intelligence agency within the Marines, seeks to dismantle the Emperor system and ensure a balance of power.

Aokiji’s insider knowledge of the Blackbeard Pirates could be instrumental in SWORD’s efforts to achieve their goals.

Alternatively, Aokiji may have aligned himself with the Revolutionary Army, a group committed to overthrowing the World Government and instigating a world revolution. Aokiji’s disillusionment with the Marines, demonstrated by his clash with Akainu, could have driven him to join forces with the Revolutionaries.

His association with the Blackbeard Pirates might serve as a means to gather vital information or disrupt their plans to weaken the World Government.

Uncertainty Surrounds Aokiji’s Affiliation With The Blackbeard Pirates

Despite the confirmation that Aokiji is a member of the Blackbeard Pirates, uncertainty shrouds his true intentions and motivations. Some theories suggest that Aokiji joined Blackbeard to avoid facing the wrath of the Marines alone, considering the immense power of the Yonko.

Joining forces with Blackbeard could provide Aokiji with a layer of protection and a chance to bide his time until the opportune moment to strike.

While Aokiji’s ranking as the second strongest member of the Blackbeard Pirates may lend support to the idea that he is a genuine ally, others argue that his affiliation with Blackbeard could be part of a larger scheme. Aokiji may be using this position to gather intelligence within the ranks of the Yonko and ultimately work towards his own agenda, whether it be personal revenge against the Marines or pursuing greater justice.

In conclusion, the revelation of Aokiji’s membership within the Blackbeard Pirates has triggered intense speculation among One Piece fans. The possibilities range from Aokiji being a double agent for either SWORD or the Revolutionary Army, to him fooling Blackbeard to sabotage his plans or reach Laugh Tale.

However, the true nature of Aokiji’s partnership with the Blackbeard Pirates remains a mystery, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further developments in this intricate plot.

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