Is Itadori still strong without Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen?

In the shadow of peril, a question challenges the very core of Jujutsu Kaisen’s protagonist. Is Itadori still strong without the malicious influence of Sukuna, the notorious curse god?

As the series unfurls, the entangled fate of Yuji and Megumi reveals itself, with Sukuna’s dark presence now residing within Megumi’s body. Yet, Yuji’s unwavering determination to protect his friend persists, as he seeks ways to save Megumi without succumbing to the malevolence that lurks within.

With his impressive abilities, beloved personality, and selfless nature, the stage is set: Can Yuji conquer his inner demons and emerge victorious over the formidable Sukuna? The answer awaits, as we delve deeper into a world where strength and sacrifice collide.

Yuji’s Strength Without Sukuna

Yuji Itadori, the protagonist of the popular manga and anime series Jujutsu Kaisen, has often proven himself to be a tough and powerful fighter. However, with Sukuna, the infamous Curse demon, now inhabiting Megumi Fushiguro’s body and growing more stronger, questions have emerged concerning Yuji’s place in the plot and if he can still hold his own in the absence of Sukuna’s tremendous power.

A startling revelation is discovered in the latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji can still fight without Sukuna’s body. Yuji’s body has transformed into a vessel, similar to a Cursed Object filled with Sukuna’s power.

This unexpected development gives Yuji optimism that he can stand on his own and continue to play an important role in the ongoing battles against terrible curses.

Yuji’s physical characteristics alone make him a strong foe. He is an expert in martial arts and has tremendous speed and physical power.

These skills, combined with his incredible resolve, enable him to overcome apparently insurmountable obstacles. Furthermore, Yuji has demonstrated the ability to quickly create cursed energy, allowing him to perform powerful techniques and spells without the assistance of Sukuna.

Yuji’s Plan To Save Megumi

Despite the immense obstacles piled against him, Yuji is steadfast in his determination to stop Sukuna and save his comrade Megumi. He’s created a strategy that entails making use of his newfound cursed object-like physique.

Yuji hopes to acquire control of the Curse and use it against Sukuna himself by tapping into Sukuna’s strength within him.

The tale has hinted at the possibility of a specific technology that might perhaps detach Sukuna from Megumi’s body without causing any harm to either party. Yuji is pushed by a great commitment and sense of responsibility to protect his friend’s safety and well-being, using this strategy as his guiding light.

Yuji’s perfect command of ancient martial tactics, gained through rigorous training and experience, will almost certainly play a key role in his plot to save Megumi. Yuji is willing to go to tremendous measures to attain his goal, even if it means jeopardizing his own life, thanks to his thorough understanding of Jujutsu and his unyielding dedication.

The Battle Against Sukuna

The ultimate question is whether Yuji’s strength and strategy will be sufficient to vanquish the formidable Sukuna in a battle of willpower and expertise. Yuji’s experience thus far has demonstrated his character development and ability to adapt and conquer the most difficult obstacles.

While Sukuna wields enormous influence and has a well-deserved reputation, Yuji has repeatedly demonstrated that he is no pushover. His physical prowess, knowledge of cursed tactics, and charming demeanor have made him a force to be reckoned with among his classmates and allies.

It would be fascinating to see how Yuji’s unwavering determination and spirit fare against the mighty Sukuna as the story progresses. Jujutsu Kaisen has developed a pattern of unexpected twists and turns, keeping readers and watchers on the edge of their seats, eagerly expecting the culmination of this explosive conflict between two great forces.

To summarize, the answer to the issue of whether Itadori is still powerful in Jujutsu Kaisen without Sukuna looks to be a resounding yes. Yuji has repeatedly demonstrated that he is a force to be reckoned with, even in the absence of Sukuna’s overwhelming presence, with his own amazing abilities, ingenious strategies, and unbreakable will.

Only time will tell if his might is sufficient to defeat Sukuna in the ultimate fight.

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