My Hero Academia Chapter 368

Chapter 368

My Hero Academia

Short Summary

Izuku Midoriya asked Lemillion if Shigaraki Tomura was still there. Lemillion replied that he was no longer in full control of his body as he and AFO had already merged. However, Lemillion noticed that the more he spoke to him harshly, the more he threw a fit like he was a child. Lemillion added that it seems that Shigaraki and AFO are still not fully merged together.

The fight between Izuku and Shigaraki started. The former users of One for All Quirk helped Deku during the fight. The second user of One for All told Deku to save his quirk for last. During their clash, AFO noticed that Deku was completely different as he could no longer track his movement. Deku then attacked and hit Shigaraki using the Detroit Smash.

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About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia, also known as Boku no Hero Academia, follows the adventure of Izuku Midoriya, a powerless human in a world populated with superpowers. Despite being Quirkless, Izuku dreams of becoming the number hero. One day, Izuku meets All Might, the number one hero. All Might sees Midoriya as the successor to his quirk, known as One for All, and decides to make the young boy the next One for All user. Midoriya accepts the power and enrolls in U.A. High School. Shortly after, Izuku discovers that being a hero is much more complicated than he thinks. With the help of his friends and fellow aspiring heroes, Deku starts to grow with his new power.

My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga series created by Kohei Horikoshi. Shueisha serialized the Boku no Hero Academia manga series in July 2014. Since its publication, the manga has already reached 30 volumes. The first season of the My Hero Academia TV anime adaptation premiered in 2016, followed by several anime films.