One Piece Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061

One Piece

Short Summary

Monkey D. Luffy saved both Jewelry Bonney and Chopper but with the unexpected attack from the metal shark, the three fell into the sea. Jinbei left the helm of the Thousand Sunny to Franky and jumped to the sea to save Luffy and the others.

On a nearby island, which is also a G-14 Naval Base, Tashigi was spotted speaking with the giant kids that were saved from Punk Hazard. Helmeppo, on the other hand, is begging to deploy a Seraphim to save Koby after being abducted by Yonko Blackbeard. Unfortunately, the higher did not allow it.

Back on an unknown island, Luffy and the others were safe. Bonney revealed herself to Luffy and told them that they were on Egghead, an island that is said to be 500 years in the future. Jewelry Bonney also told that Dr. Vegapunk’s research lab can be found on the island. Meanwhile, the other crew members of the Straw Hat Pirates were also saved after Thousand Sunny sinks due to the recent attack. The ship was carried by a giant robot. A new female character appeared and revealed herself as Dr. Vegapunk.

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About One Piece

One Piece follows the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who becomes a rubber man after eating Gomu Gomu no Mi. Luffy dreams of becoming the next pirate king. Luffy sets sail for the Grand Line, aided by his crew and other friends, in search of the treasure known as One Piece.

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Shueisha published the first serialization of the manga in 1997. Currently, One Piece already has 99 volumes. One Piece also received its own TV anime adaptation, as well as several anime films.