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Solo Leveling

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Following the appearance of “gates” connecting the world of monsters to humans, a small fraction of the population has developed superhuman abilities to defend against the monsters. Sung Jin-woo, the story’s protagonist, belongs to the lowest rank of hunters and is the weakest hunter in all of South Korea, barely stronger than a normal human. One day, he and a group of other hunters are trapped in an incredibly dangerous and rare dual dungeon, and only a very few of them survive and manage to escape. Sung Jin-woo “dies,” but completes all of the trials in this dungeon. He then awakens in a hospital to discover that he has been transformed into a reawakened “player,” with an interface exhibiting him quests, stats, inventory, stores, and levels, as well as the unique ability to grow exponentially stronger. Sung Jin-Woo embarks on a quest to become the world’s strongest hunter and unravel the mystery of the monster world.

Solo Leveling is a Korean manwha series written by Chugong and illustrated by Jang Sung-rak. The series has been serialized by D&C Media in March 2018. Currently, Solo Leveling already got a total of 4 volumes since its serialization.