The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

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This page will cover all the important details about the 11th episode of The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat.

Quick Overview

  • Status: Aired
  • Air Date: December 15, 2021
  • Episode Title: Choice of Betrayal
  • Episode Number: 11
  • Season: 1
  • Duration: 24 mins
  • Stream: Crunchyroll YouTube


Lugh Tuatha Dé is asked to assassinate Dia Viekone. The client was none other than Count Vicone, Dia’s father. Count Vicone is an old friend of Lugh’s father, Cian Tuatha Dé. Cian asked Lugh to fulfill Count Vicone’s assassination request. And if Lugh refuses to assassinate and fulfill the mission, Cian himself will set and carry out the Vicone’s request himself.