Who are the traitors in Wano arc in One Piece?

The traitor in the Wano arc in One Piece is revealed to be Kanjuro. According to sources from fandom.com, gamerant.com, screenrant.com, and cbr.com, Kanjuro, a member of Orochi’s extended family, faked his lack of art skills and is able to copy himself.

His mission is to capture Momonosuke for Orochi. This betrayal has a significant impact on the upcoming battle. Kanjuro, who is a member of the Kurozumi family and part of a theater troupe that was killed, sent information about the Akazaya members to Orochi. His true skills were hidden as a painting, and with his reveal as the traitor, the war for Wano officially begins.

Key Points:

  • The traitor in the Wano arc in One Piece is Kanjuro.
  • Kanjuro faked his lack of art skills and can copy himself.
  • His mission is to capture Momonosuke for Orochi.
  • Kanjuro sent information about the Akazaya members to Orochi.
  • He was a member of the Kurozumi family and a theater troupe that was killed.
  • The reveal of Kanjuro as the traitor marks the start of the war for Wano.

Orochi’s Informant: The Traitor Among The Akazaya Nine

The Wano arc in One Piece has been a thrilling rollercoaster ride filled with twists and turns, none more shocking than the revelation of a traitor among the legendary Akazaya Nine. Orochi, the cunning Shogun of Wano, received crucial information that led to devastating bombings across the country.

The question now remains: Who could have betrayed their comrades? Let’s delve into this web of deception and unmask the true traitor.

Throughout the Wano arc, hints were dropped regarding the presence of a spy amongst the Akazaya Nine. Suspicion grew, and tensions ran high as the group tried to determine the source of Orochi’s intel.

It was later revealed that the traitor was none other than Kanjuro, a seemingly loyal ally. Kanjuro’s deception was deeply rooted, as he had been pretending to lack artistic skills all along, concealing his true identity as a member of Orochi’s extended family.

Kanjuro’s ability to copy himself added a new layer of complexity to his subterfuge. This unique power allowed him to infiltrate the ranks of the Akazaya Nine and deceive his allies.

Little did they know that every move, every strategy they planned, was being relayed to Orochi himself. The impact of this betrayal is immeasurable, as it not only compromised the trust within the group but also directly affected their upcoming battle against Kaido and his forces.

Unmasking The Traitor: Kanjuro’s Deception And Secret Mission

As the truth about Kanjuro’s treachery was unveiled, the extent of his mission became apparent. His primary objective was to capture Momonosuke, the young heir of the Kozuki Clan, and deliver him to Orochi.

This revelation not only placed Momonosuke in grave danger but also put the entire plan to liberate Wano at risk. Kanjuro’s role as a spy was insidious, as he exploited the trust and bond built over years of camaraderie with the Akazaya Nine.

To further complicate matters, Kanjuro’s true identity was that of a member of the Kurozumi family, a clan that was completely wiped out due to their association with Orochi’s oppressive regime. It is theorized that Kanjuro’s infiltrating the theater troupe was a ploy to gain the trust of the Kozuki Clan and eventually betray them.

His ability to maintain this deception for so long showcases his dedication to Orochi’s cause.

While Kanjuro skillfully disguised his true abilities, presenting himself as just an ordinary painter, these talents were merely a facade. The true extent of his skills was hidden in plain sight, every brushstroke a calculated move in his ultimate betrayal.

Kanjuro’s ability to blend into the background allowed him to convey sensitive information to Orochi undetected, making him a formidable adversary.

Impact Of Betrayal: Orochi’s Thwarted Plans And The Beginning Of War In Wano

The unmasking of Kanjuro as the traitor amongst the Akazaya Nine had far-reaching consequences for Luffy and his allies. Orochi, armed with insider information, thwarted the group’s plan to enter a crucial port, tightening his grip on Wano and making it even more difficult for the alliance to liberate the country.

The impact of this betrayal amplified the stakes of the battle for Wano, forcing Luffy and his comrades to reassess their strategies and gather their strength for an even more challenging fight.

With the traitor finally revealed, the War for Wano officially begins. The stage is set for an epic clash between the alliance seeking justice and freedom, and the oppressive forces led by Orochi and Kaido.

Kanjuro’s actions have irreversibly altered the course of events in Wano, intensifying the struggle and casting a shadow of doubt over the loyalty of other characters.

As the battle rages on, the true extent of the consequences surrounding Kanjuro’s betrayal will undoubtedly unfold. The unmasking of this traitor has not only shattered trust but has also sparked a fire within the hearts of the Akazaya Nine, fuelling their determination to bring justice to Wano and protect the future of the Kozuki Clan.

In the treacherous land of Wano, where allegiances shift and secrets lurk, the struggle for liberation becomes even more arduous. As Luffy and his allies face seemingly insurmountable odds, the traitor’s identity serves as a stark reminder that in times of war, trust must be earned and alliances must hold firm.

The unmasking of Kanjuro serves as a testament to the resilience of our heroes, as they navigate through a web of deception and unite against a common enemy.

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