Who replaced Sengoku in One Piece?

In One Piece, Sengoku was replaced by Akainu as the Fleet Admiral of the Marines. Sengoku, after his retirement, now works as an Inspector General.

Akainu is considered one of the strongest Admirals, along with Sengoku. The potential candidates to replace Sengoku were Kizaru, Fujitora, and Ryokugyu, who are the three Admirals in the current storyline.

However, it was Akainu who took over the position of Fleet Admiral after Sengoku’s departure.

Key Points:

  • Akainu replaced Sengoku as the Fleet Admiral of the Marines in One Piece.
  • Sengoku retired and now works as an Inspector General.
  • Akainu is considered one of the strongest Admirals, along with Sengoku.
  • The potential candidates to replace Sengoku were Kizaru, Fujitora, and Ryokugyu.
  • Akainu was the one who ultimately took over the position of Fleet Admiral.
  • This change occurred after Sengoku’s departure.

1. Sengoku’s Retirement And Replacement In One Piece

Retirement is a natural progression in the lives of many individuals, even in the action-packed world of One Piece.

Sengoku, the former Fleet Admiral, decided to step down from his esteemed position and took up the role of Inspector General within the Marines. This move surprised many, as Sengoku had always been a prominent figure within the organization, known for his strategic brilliance and immense power.

While Sengoku’s retirement was a significant event, it left many wondering who would take up the mantle as the new Fleet Admiral.

Would it be someone with a similar level of experience and strength, or would a fresh face be chosen to lead the Marines? The answer to this question had the entire One Piece fandom eagerly speculating.

2. The Top Two Strongest Admirals: Sengoku And Akainu

Before delving into the potential replacements for Sengoku, it is essential to recognize his exceptional strength and accomplishments.

Sengoku was widely regarded as one of the most formidable Admirals in the Marines, renowned for his mastery of Haki and impressive combat skills. However, even though Sengoku was an incredibly powerful force, there was one Admiral who stood toe-to-toe with him – Akainu.

Akainu, also known as Sakazuki, is a force to be reckoned with in the One Piece world.

Regarded as one of the two strongest Admirals, Akainu possesses unimaginable power and an unwavering determination. With his ability to control magma through the Magu Magu no Mi Devil Fruit, Akainu has established himself as a formidable adversary, proving his strength in the Marineford War.

3. Potential Replacements For Sengoku: Kizaru, Fujitora, And Ryokugyu

A shift in leadership was inevitable following Sengoku’s retirement, raising the question of who would take on the challenging position of Fleet Admiral.

Three Admirals were mentioned as potential replacements: Kizaru, Fujitora, and Ryokugyu.

Kizaru (Borsalino)

Kizaru, also known as Borsalino, is one of the three Admirals who may have replaced Sengoku. With his Pika Pika no Mi Devil Fruit powers, he can move at the speed of light, making him almost untouchable.

His laid-back demeanor often masks his deadly abilities, leaving enemies surprised and overwhelmed. Kizaru’s extensive combat experience and strength make him a viable candidate for the position.

Fujitora (Issho)

Fujitora, also known as Issho, is a unique Admiral in several ways. First, he is blind, relying solely on his incredible observation Haki to navigate the world.

Secondly, Fujitora possesses the Zushi Zushi no Mi Devil Fruit, which allows him to manipulate gravity. This power enables him to control his opponents’ movements and create devastating gravitational attacks.

Fujitora’s strong moral compass and desire for justice make him a potential contender for the position of Fleet Admiral.


Ryokugyu, also referred to as Green Bull, is the third Admiral rumored to have replaced Sengoku. His abilities lie within the Mori Mori no Mi Devil Fruit, granting him control over wood.

This power opens up a vast array of possibilities, including creating impenetrable barriers and utilizing wooden projectiles. The elusive nature of Ryokugyu adds an air of mystery to the potential successor, leaving fans eager to learn more about his abilities and character.

Each of these Admirals brings their unique set of skills and experiences to the table, making it challenging to predict who ultimately replaced Sengoku as the new Fleet Admiral. However, one thing is for certain – the Marines are not lacking in powerful leaders prepared to defend justice and maintain order in the tumultuous world of One Piece.

In conclusion, the retirement of Sengoku, the former Fleet Admiral in One Piece, marked a significant shift in leadership within the Marines. While Sengoku took on the role of Inspector General after his retirement, the question remained regarding who would fill his formidable shoes.

The top two strongest Admirals, Sengoku and Akainu, have left a lasting legacy in the One Piece world. As potential replacements for Sengoku, Kizaru, Fujitora, and Ryokugyu have emerged as prominent candidates, each possessing unique abilities and experiences.

Ultimately, their appointment as the new Fleet Admiral will shape the course of the Marines and their pursuit of justice in the captivating story of One Piece.

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