5 Facts About Kisaki Tetta From Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi Hanagaki’s efforts to change the fate of Hinata and his friends are hampered by Kisaki Tetta, who is one of the most significant impediments. He is widely regarded as the primary cause of Tokyo Manji and other gangs’ corruption. Kisaki’s ingenuity always allows him to make strong delinquents dance in his hands.

Do you want to learn more about Kisaki Tetta? Here are the 5 facts that you should know about Kisaki. But before we start, be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

Kisaki Tetta

One of the Slickest Individual

His fighting abilities are still arguably inferior to those of several other characters who are much stronger. Many people are skeptical that Kisaki can ravage a large gang without breaking a sweat.

Kisaki’s wits and brilliant planning enable him to set traps that even a gang of Tokyo Manji’s caliber cannot escape without the intervention of Takemichi.

Worse, most of the gangs Kisaki entered were unaware that this one person had only served as a stepping stone. Except for the Black Dragon and Tenjiku routes, Kisaki is always the leader of a criminal gang in some of Takemichi’s time leap routes.

Kisaki is a Geek During His Childhood

Many people are unaware that Kisaki was once a regular high school student who excelled academically. Even his first appearance was geekier than Takemichi’s in middle school. His life is often isolated, and his insecurity leads him to believe that other people are merely tools.

After meeting Hinata and Takemichi, his outlook on life deteriorated even further. From then on, he was determined to become Japan’s top thug in order to win Hinata’s heart.

Obsessed with Hinata and Takemichi

Kisaki and Hinata’s first meeting could be considered the catalyst for all of the Tokyo Revengers’ tragedies. When Hinata was bullied by other children, Kisaki chose to hide in fear until Takemichi arrived to save the girl. As a result, Hinata fell in love with Takemichi.

Of course, Kisaki refused to accept it. He is determined to take over the most powerful gang in Tokyo, Tokyo Manji, and take everything from Takemichi and Hinata. The same thing keeps happening in Takemichi’s various time leap routes, no matter how many times he changes Tokyo Manji’s history.

Some of Takemichi’s closest friends are also terrified by his obsession. Atsushi had been forced to kill Takemichi twice. Because of Kisaki’s actions, the Drakes who survived the Moebius incident were also sentenced to death.

Manipulated Four Gangs at Once

This is perhaps Kisaki’s most bizarre characteristic. He rose through the ranks of various large delinquent gangs using only his brain. He began as a regular member of the Moebius class of 1990. Following the defeat of the gang, he joined Tokyo Manji as commander of the 3rd division, replacing the imprisoned Peh-Yan.

Following his incorporation into the Tokyo Manji gang, he was later appointed as Valhalla’s official leader. Finally, he became a member of Tenjiku’s group as a general staff officer. He always executes his plan to make Tokyo Manji a feared criminal organization from within the gangs.

Kisaki usually pitted the two gangs against each other until the Tokyo Manji Gang was weakened or even assimilate into other gangs. When the Tokyo Manji and Valhalla merged after Draken’s death, this happened. At the time, he would get rid of some of Tokyo Manji’s old members and take over as leader.

Told to Have Died Twice in the Story

Even though it is said that he frequently escapes the clutches of the law, death follows Kisaki Tetta wherever he goes. After the Black Dragon arc, Takemichi was informed that Kisaki had died at the hands of Mikey, who had truly turned evil and massacred all of the old Tokyo Manji members.

However, because his death occurred in the present, Kisaki survives when Takemichi performs a time jump to stop the Tenjiku gang led by Izana. Fortunately, his death is permanent because Takemichi’s existence as a time leaper means Kisaki will no longer exist in the future.

That’s an interesting fact about Tokyo Revengers’ slickest antagonist. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.

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