5 Reasons Why Draken Deserves to Be the Leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang

Ken Ryuguji, also known as Draken, has many advantages that make him a better candidate to lead the Tokyo Manji gang. What are some of the reasons why he is more deserving of being a gang leader than Mikey?

Below is the list of qualifications why we think Draken is more suitable than Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers

Have resilience when you have to lose someone close to you.

Manjiro Sano, alias Mikey, deserves to be recognized as a charismatic leader in the same way that his late brother, Shinichiro, was. He was also devoted to his family and friends.

Unfortunately, once Mikey loses one of his closest friends, the wound in his heart will remain unhealed until he matures. It’s no surprise that if no one leads him, he easily falls down the wrong path.

Meanwhile, Draken, who did not know his biological family as a child, grew into a strong man. He had fallen, just as he had when he had lost Emma. However, it did not cause him to lose his life principles and conscience until he reached adulthood.

Has a high level of sensitivity.

Mikey’s fighting instincts are exceptional. Unfortunately, he is less sensitive to unusual situations in his own group and frequently acts on his own. He also has a habit of relying on muscles to solve every problem.

He is more sensitive to his surroundings than Draken. One of them was when he stopped Pah-Chin from beating Takemichi because he suspected something was behind his insistence on keeping Mikey from attacking Moebius.

Furthermore, Draken was the one who first discovered Kisaki was the culprit behind Tokyo Maji’s bleak future a long time ago. Takemichi knows who to stop in the next time leap in the Valhalla arc thanks to him.

More self-aware and responsible.

Draken’s life has become governed by the principle of not being absent from his responsibilities as a deputy leader. Despite his adamant opposition to leaving Pah-Chin in prison, he was also the one who frequently accompanied his friend’s parents to prison and waited outside until visiting hours were over.

He was also the one who made Mikey more self-aware and apologized to the parents of Toman’s girlfriend, who was attacked by the Moebius gang. Mikey had refused at the time because his reputation as a gang leader had been harmed.

His thinking is not easy to get stuck on the wrong path.

This is Draken’s undeniable advantage over Mikey. Despite the fact that they are both wild, Draken is far more aware of how to position himself in society without losing his identity as a delinquent.

Draken once beat Kiyomasa and disbanded fights because it would tarnish his gang’s name. After stopping Osanai, he even stated that thugs who dared to attack innocent people were not true thugs.

This was his guiding principle until he reached adulthood. Takemichi himself is a witness to how Draken’s nature hasn’t changed despite the passage of many years. Even though he once deviated from being a murderer due to Kisaki’s actions after the Moebius arc ended. It also happened against Draken’s wishes.

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