5 Unanswered Questions About Jiraiya From Naruto Series

Jiraiya is considered as one of the strongest ninjas of his generation in the Naruto series. He is also one of Legendary Sannin, along with Orochimaru and Tsunade. His presence becomes more valuable after accepting Uzumaki Naruto as his student. Despite being strong, Jiraiya meets his end after facing the leader of Akatsuki and also his former student, Nagato.

His death also marks the end of his story in the series and knowing his contribution, many mysteries, and unanswered questions are left hanging. Below we list down our top 5 unanswered questions about Jiraiya.

Jiraiya’s Clan

As an anime and manga that focuses on clans and families, Jiraiya is one of the few other mysterious characters whose family is unknown. Not only is it unknown who his family is, but the fate of his family is also unknown, this is similar to Minato.

For the record, even though his family doesn’t exist, Orochimaru’s parents are explained to be dead, while even though Tsunade’s parents are not shown, it’s clear that he is from the Senju family and has a younger brother.

Who Are His Other Students

Apart from Naruto, Minato, Nagato, Yahiko, and Conan, it seems that the Legendary Sannin also got other students. But who are those two characters that are shown in the anime series?

Some people say Minato’s friend who has almost bald hair is Teuchi from Ichiraku Ramen, but there is no evidence to show this. Are they still alive? Or already died before Minato? Why is Minato like Jiraiya’s only student? As of now, Jiraiya’s other two disciples are still mysterious.

What Happened During Naruto’s Training

It is known that Jiraiya is the teacher and master of Naruto. However, the series did not reveal or show more details about their training.

Jiraiya’s Real Rank or Occupation

One thing is for sure, Jiraiya is strong. He is also a recluse and one of the  Sannin. The problem is the level, rank, or position of the ninja is actually not clear.

In the manga and databooks, it is said that Jiraiya has no rank or position, which means he is a free ninja from Konoha who is not bound by missions (except for certain missions). But in the anime, it is said that he is a  Jonin. Which do you believe more?

Where is Jiraiya’s Body

His death still leaves a mystery. After his defeat against Pain, Jiraiya’s body was only seen sinking in the bottom of the water. This event happened before the great war.

The great ninja war sees the revival of strong characters such as the former leaders of the village. But why did Orochimaru or Kabuto did not revive Jiraiya? What happened to his body and why did they fail to find his body? Did Jiraiya’s body sink in a bottomless body of water in the Rain Village?

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