9 Days – Beginner’s Quest Guide

This game unfortunately doesn’t feature any kind of quest markers or journal to record what NPCs are saying, so I’ve taken the liberty to create this guide to allow people who lost the plot and/or don’t want to run out the 9 day timer to figure out what’s what.

Controls and Tips

Almost every tough enemy and guardian can be defeated by going beyond their aggro range and lobbing things at them.

Regain energy: Hold R and then hold right click.

Dash: Remember you can press G to do your dash.

Transformation: Hold R and then press F.

Warp Speed: Once you’ve unlocked it you can go warp speed while flying outside of a planet’s orbit. To go into warp speed hold shift to boost and then hold space to go into warp speed.

Beginning the game (Pictures for this part are WIP)

At first you will start in the valley and after talking to the NPCs you will find you have to clear out the castle. Collect some flowers and take out the enemies between there before clearing the castle of its enemies. There are 2 chests and a dragonstone you can absorb which is a good energy source to use early on. Once you’ve killed them all a cutscene will play. You will be told to go towards the coastal ruins and the dojo.

Next return to the path and take the right path (or left if orientated from the hut you spawned at) towards the Haunted Forest. Once you’re there try and ignore the enemies and run to the rightmost entrance and it will lead you to the dojo. Ignore the dojo and continue straight past the platform until you see a cave entrance which leads to a valley. In the valley a Dragon will be there, to defeat him easily simply stay near the entrance to the valley and throw bombs at him until he dies. If you do it correctly he will not be able to attack you. Afterwards go speak with the dojo master. He will give you several challenges which are pretty hard. For catching the ball, just run around and memorize the path it takes, then take a very wide swing around the ball so that it remains motionless and get ahead of it. For the target practice equip the new fury spell and attack the targets. It takes a lot of time to get it down but try and only use 1-2 shots per cube.

Next, you have 2 options: kill the guardian or go to the coast. I recommend killing the guardian immediately. Go back to the haunted forest from the dojo and take the first right, this should bring you to the guardian gate. What you want to do is first take a save at the gate. Then (THIS SENTENCE HERE IS OPTIONAL) you will want to identify where the guardian is so you know what to do for the next part, go straight and then to the left up on the ridge you should see where he is and you will probably get insta-killed by the guardian. Reload your save and then go up on the right ridge and use your fury strike from a far distance. If you get it right, he will not move or attack and you can continue to pummel him and recharge until he dies.

Coastal Quest

Once you get to the coastal ruins (large ruins near the coast on the northwest side of the map) you can speak to the woman in charge and she’ll ask you to clear out the bunker. Before you enter, check along the pathway to the ruins for a chest which usually contains a new spell called machine strike(?). The hoverboard is also present in a chest near the bunker entrance. Once you’ve gone inside, turn around and head deeper into the bunker. Kill all the enemies you find and take a right. You’ll encounter a witch who asks for an amulet. Go deeper into the right side and you’ll find a big room with an annoying ghost type creature. You can cheese him by simply walking into the room and then back out the hallway and he’ll get stuck at the entrance where you can pummel him. Once you get the amulet then clear the left side the same way. There will be a main boss you have to defeat (he can also be defeated with the hallway trick) in the back past a broken bridge (just jump it). After you kill him you should get a cutscene or something should happen so just search the rest of the bunker.

Afterwards you’ll unlock the witch quest. Her hut is on a ridge southwest of the haunted forest. She’ll ask for a bodyarmor which is underneath the dojo platform (make a hole with flight to the left of the platform and go to the center and it will be there). The next thing she wants is the relic heart which is below an ore on the outside of the village which is near the spiral floating islands. The exact location is pictured here (thanks to RedNinja25 on the discord for providing the photo).


After unlocking flight your first move should be to fly towards the warp gate island (furthest one to the south with the tower on it) then go down into the council camp that is right near it, you’ll find 1 part of the warp speed flight unlock you need. Next, go through the warp gate and fly to the north pole of the moon. Once you’ve done that fly towards the 2 story building at the top and clip the top of it where the warp orb is. If that didn’t allow you to grab it, just fly inside and quickly take it. Then fly back through the warp gate and speak with the astronaut. He should provide you with warp flight which will allow you to travel to other planets with some degree of speed.

Once you’re able to fly to other planets, go straight for the one with the rings around it. This planet (balu) also only features stuff on the North Pole. Head for the space camp (with all the satellites and tall buildings) and speak with the man who should be positioned here

Once you’ve done that, you can hold left click while flying into the ground for an extra large crater.

Next go defeat the guardian here:

The guardian doesn’t seem to want to take damage unless you go to a certain sweet spot range, so fiddle around while flying away from his attacks until you can defeat him.

Later game (Not finished)

Tunda Forge location is below the moon on the north pole here:

Planet Agi is home to another guardian and is the next desert planet from Balu, you’ll find a big ring on the north pole and a light nearby which looks like this:

Defeating him is much harder, he has a massive aggro range and will actually try to fight you a lot. Just be persistant and you can defeat him. If you are having too many issues, go finish other quests and get new energies and armors and then come back.

Also, there is a black hole between the starting planet and the other Earth-like planet with a barrier. If you go inside you can absorb the energy of some planets and stars using the absorb skill.

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