Black Clover Chapter 310: Yuno and Zenon’s Battle Conclusion

Yuki Tabata just dropped another mind-blowing Black Clover manga chapter. The intense fight between Yuno and Zenon is getting more intense, and every manga fan is now excited about seeing the outcome. As we are getting close to Black Clover Chapter 310, we might also see the ending of this epic fight. Read on as we tell you all the important details that you need to know about the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 310.

Black Clover Chapter 310 Release Date

The Black Clover manga series is scheduled to receive a new manga chapter every week. As of the moment, there is no news of any delays or schedule changes for the upcoming manga chapter. Unless there is no delay, Black Clover Chapter 310 will be released on October 24, 2021.

As always, we highly suggest reading the manga from official sources such as Viz and Manga Plus. These sources are offering free access to the latest manga chapter of the series.

Black Clover Chapter 310 Discussions

Being the host of a devil, Zenon is surely confident in his abilities and battles. Meanwhile, Yuno just received a new Grimoire to power up his magic. While we are yet to see more of Yuno’s power as the series progresses, the battle between him and Zenon may reach its conclusion in the upcoming chapter. Just like the other fights against the members of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad, everyone is expecting to see Yuno as the victor. While it’s still too early to claim his victory, his power upgrade surely boosts his chance of winning.

What do you think about the matchup between Yuno and Zenon? Will Yuno be able to finally end the madness of Zenon?

Black Clover Chapter 309 Recap

The previous manga chapter titled “Twinkling” features the continuation of the fight against Zenon Zogratis. At the start, we see Zenon facing the silhouette of Yuno. Zenon noticed the two Grimoires beside Yuno and was caught off guard with a sudden attack from the vice-captain of the Golden Dawn. Next, we see the royale family of the Spade Kingdom as the manga illustrates Loyse, the father, the sun, and Ciel, the mother, the moon. Zenon realized that Yuno was a bloodline and heir of the royal family.

Yuno then asked Bell to store up some strength within Yuno. The vice-captain also thanked his comrades for holding back against Zenon while he’s preparing. Zenon attacked Yuno with his bones, but with the new power that the magic knight acquired, the devil’s attack was easily neglected.

With Yuno’s barrier up, Zenon thinks that he can’t attack, but once again, he is caught off guard when Yuno is magically transported in front of him and launches another attack. As Yuno faced Zenon, he told the devil that his choices were right and he was going to prove them. His attacks seemed to annoy Zenon, and he vowed to crush him while rampaging using his bones. The manga chapter ends with Yuno and Zenon clashing with their swords.

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