Black Clover Chapter 310: Yuno Defeats Zenon Zogratis

Black Clover Chapter 310, titled “The Constancy of Right and Wrong,” was officially released on October 24, 2021.

Black Clover Chapter 310 Summary

At the start of the chapter, the manga immediately welcomes the intense fight between Yuno and Zenon. Yuno used his Star Magic: Quartile Flagellum to attack, but Zenon easily handled the attack using his Bone x Spatial Magic: Magic Sword Dainsleif.

As the fight gets close to the final moment, Chapter 310 sees a short backstory of Zenon after becoming a host of the devil. Here, we see Zenon entering a room and meeting three people. Two of these persons are Dante and Vanica, while the other person’s face was covered by fog. The unknown individual speaks about how they, the Zogratis siblings, can create the Spade Kingdom that knows true peace using their Devil’s power.

The next scene resumes that ongoing Yuno vs. Zenon fight. Yuno rushed towards the enemy while thinking to use his trump card. Shortly after, Yuno attacked Zenon with his axe but Zenon was still able to withstand his magic. As the fight continues, Zenon thinks that he already erased all of Yuno’s stars and that he has no way to destroy a devil’s heart. The host of the devil also thinks that Yuno can’t teleport or defend himself.

Yuno was seen trying to attack Zenon once again and with Zenon knowing that he already erased Yuno’s stars, he attacked Yuno while declaring his victory. However, Yuno has achieved the power to destroy devils and acquired an overwhelming power. Before Zenon hits Yuno, the magic knight instantly disappeared in front of him and suddenly appeared behind his back. Yuno attacked Zenon using his Saint Spirit of Zephyr, cutting Zenon’s body, along with the devil’s heart into two pieces.

Black Clover Chapter 310 Character Appearance

  • Zenon Zogratis
  • Yuno Grinberryall
  • Vanica Zogratis (Flashback)
  • Dante Zogratis (Flashback)
  • Unnamed Zogratis’ Brother (Flashback)

Black Clover Chapter 310 Cliffhanger

After vanishing in front of Zenon, Yuno appeared behind the enemy and slashed his body, including his heart, into two pieces. It is also worth noting that Yuno was declaring that he was shouting about their victory while attacking Zenon.

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