Black Clover Chapter 311: Moris, Lucifero’s Host Appears

Black Clover Chapter 311, titled “Returning Alive“, was officially released on October 31, 2021.

With the unexpected counterattack, Zenon already knows that he’s defeated. Zenon asked Yuno where they differed. Yuno answered that he didn’t know as he was still in the middle of the vow that he made with Asta. Zenon’s body started to vanish, along with the devil Beelzebub.

Back at Asta’s location, Asta was shocked to see the whole place collapsing. Vice-captain Nacht suggests that Yuno may have already defeated Zenon. With this, all the Dark Triad members have been defeated. However, Nacht was still confused why the Advent of Qliphoth hasn’t stopped.

While the other allies were able to defeat the enemies, they are getting tired as the enemies keep coming one after another. Meanwhile, Marx Francois noticed something unusual with the King. Francois asked the Wizard King about this matter. Unfortunately, the Wizard King was unable to pinpoint the problem, but he felt like something terrible was about to happen.

Going back to the Spade Kingdom, Dorothy was able to find Moris with the help of Nacht’s devil. However, she was shocked to see how Moris had become. Moris said that his magic combined with the power of the devil can even interfere with concepts. Lotus Whomalt also appeared in the spread while Moris promised to forgive him if he withdrew his betrayal. However, Lotus seems to continue his betrayal as he sees that the world Moris is trying to create is not suitable for his family to live in.

Moris seemed to be enjoying the scene and said that he would be toying with Moris until the next gate opened. Moris added that familial sentiments are no longer required as he’s just a messenger for the strongest devil, Lucifero. While saying these words, the dark-colored marking on his forehead opened. Moris also revealed that he knew everything about Megicula’s plan and didn’t interfere as it was a good test run.

As Moris continued to speak, he also revealed that he had remade the Tree of Qliphoth with his magic and that the Dark Triad were no longer needed. All they need now is the magic and life force of Yami and Vangeance, and the gates of the underworld will open. Moris summons a demon and attacks Lotus.

When Moris started hearing some trembling sounds, Gordon, Gauche, Henry, Vanessa, and Grey suddenly appeared, screaming that they would save their captain.

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