Black Clover Chapter 312: Black Bull Squad Reunites

Black Clover Chapter 312 titled “At the Gates of Hell“, was officially released on November 7, 2021. The manga series highlights how the members of the Black Bull squad face Moris and his devil power.

At the start of the chapter, we see Grey, Gauche, Henry, and Vanessa talking about how they broke into the place. Moris sees them and notices that there are two arcane mages among the four Black Bull squad members. Moris also shows his interest in dissecting all of them as they possess all kinds of interesting magic.

Moris attacks the Black Bulls.

The battle against Moris began and the members started showing their magic power. First, we see Vanessa attacking Moris, followed by Grey’s transmutation magic. While the fight was getting more intense, Grey started feeling nervous, but Henry asked her to look at him as he initiated his mirror magic. To counter the attack, Moris told his opponents about giving them a little taste of the ultimate devil’s magic using his Gravity Magic. Henry was about to stop the enemy’s attack when suddenly, Gordon grabbed his back and told him that he was there for him.

Gordon and Henry attack Moris.

A flashback of Gordon’s return was shown while revealing that it took him six months of research and training to learn how to turn his poison into medicine. With Gordon’s modified poison curse magic, they were able to drain the magic power of the enemy. Moris was confused about what was happening and told himself that he was supposed to be the one with the strongest power.

Moris boasts of himself as Lucifero’s host.

Shortly, a big hole started to appear and the other members of the Black Bull squad started to show themselves. Moris, on the other hand, is still boasting himself as he’s become the greatest aptitude as a devil host. Despite the devil power that he possessed, he received another attack from his opponents.

Black Bull Squad reunites.

Asta appeared and told Moris that whether he was the final devil or Moris, the mage scholar of the Diamond Kingdom, didn’t mean anything to them. Asta added that their only goal was to save the captain of the Black Bulls. The cliffhanger of the chapter sees all the members of the Black Bull squad of the Clover Kingdom gathered together as they face the host of devil Lucifero.

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