Black Clover Chapter 313: Captain Yami Returns

Black Clover Chapter 313, titled “The Captain of the Black Bulls,” was officially released on November 14, 2021. The chapter covers the flashback of Yami before he became the captain of the Black Bull Squad of the Clover Kingdom. Also, we see how Captain Yami reunites with all the members of the Black Bull Squad.

In the past, Yami was outcasted by the Clover Kingdom for having dark magic. Being a foreigner, some found him weird and creepy. While some are not fans of Yami’s dark magic, Julius found it incredible. Apart from Julius, the other captains of the Magic Knights found his magic amazing.

Yami holding his Grimoire.

Meanwhile, Nacht and Yami were seen having a conversation. Yami said that he’s having fun being the Magic Knight as he learns all types of mages. Yami noted that his magic used to creep everyone out, but after seeing their magic, his magic now seems almost cute in comparison. Nacht acknowledged that Yami was a good judge of character and had the power to bring people together.

Black Bull Squad.

Next, we see how Nacht kneels in front of a tomb. And at the same time, Yami told Nacht that he would be starting his own brigade someday. But instead of the normal brigade, Yami vows to choose the ones not chosen by luck, the ones who are tied down, the ones who’ve lost their way, and the ones who have sinned. Knowing that he feels left behind because of his dark magic, Yami said that it’s a shame if they couldn’t use their own powers to their full potential. As Yami walks away, he told Nacht that he will become strong enough to keep those kinds of people together.

Moris expressed he loves Dark Magic.

Following Yami’s flashback, Moris’ appeared while speaking with Dante. Moris expressed the wonders of dark magic and the power that comes from the underworld.

Captain Yami reappears.

Back to the current timeline, the members of the Black Bulls squad seem to have finally defeated Moris and his devil power. Yami, who was in a coffin-shaped container, got excited to see his subordinates. Yami asked the Black Bulls if they really liked him that much that they were willing to risk their lives for him. The Black Bulls replied with excitement that they really do like him.

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