Black Clover Chapter 329 Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 329 will reveal the outcome of the fight against Lucifero. The previous chapter seems to have settled the battle after Asta cuts down Lucifero in two. Thanks to Asta’s power negation, they were able to fight the strongest devil. But is this really the end of Lucifero? Did Asta and Liebe defeat the threat to humankind? Let’s find out in Chapter 329.

Black Clover manga has been one of the hottest topics right now. After Lucifero’s appearance, the fight and action continued in every new chapter. However, the latest manga chapter suggests that the danger has been stopped.

Black Clover Chapter 328 Recap

The previously released Chapter 328, titled “Always,” covers the full fight between Asta and Lucifero. With a little time left, Asta consecutively attacks Lucifero. The enemy is also trying his best to stop Asta and Liebe’s combination attack, but with Asta’s power, Lucifero can’t do anything.

The manga also featured a flashback of Richita and Liebe. During this flashback, Richita revealed the reason why she decided to leave her son. It turns out that if she stayed beside Asta, she would endanger Asta as she will end up stealing his life force. Chapter 328 expresses how Richita truly felt after leaving Asta. While she can’t be by Asta’s side, she told Liebe that she loves Asta forever.

The scene resumes to the current timeline where Lucifero learns that Asta is Richita’s son. Lucifero tried to attack Asta, but the magic knight countered the attack and cut Lucifero’s arm. Just right after cutting the devil’s arm, Asta followed up with another attack, resulting in slashing the body of the highest-ranking devil.

Chapter 328 ends with a cliffhanger highlighting Asta and Liebe standing in front of the fallen body of Lucifer.

Black Clover Chapter 329 Spoilers

As of the moment, there are still no spoilers and raw scans for Chapter 329. Black Clover manga leaks are usually released around two to three days before the official scheduled release.

Unauthorized websites are also releasing fan-translated chapters. While you can read the manga for free, we still highly recommend that you support the author by reading the Black Clover manga from the official distributors. We will also be giving you another update once Black Clover Chapter 329 spoilers have been leaked.

Black Clover Chapter 329 Release Date

It’s been a while since the release of the last chapter. For some unknown reasons, it seems that there are some delays. However, manga author Yuki Tabata has returned and assuming that there will be no unexpected delays or schedule changes, Black Clover Chapter 329 will be released on April 10, 2022. The upcoming Black Clover Chapter 329 will be available for digital screening on Manga Plus by Shueisha and Viz.

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