Black Clover Chapter 335 Summary: Asta’s Disappearance

After a long-intense fight against the devils during the Spade Kingdom Arc, it seems that Asta’s dream to become the Wizard King is getting shut down. The release of Black Clover Chapter 355 just showed something unwanted for the main protagonist of the series.

Black Clover Chapter 355 Summary

This section covers the full summary of the chapter.

  • Chapter Number: 335
  • Chapter Title: Severance
  • Official Release Date: August 28, 2022
  • Scanlation Release Date: August 26, 2022

After receiving a fatal blow, Asta has been pinned down while being looked down on by the now devil Sister Lily and Lucius Zogratis. Asta said that it was not yet over, but Lucius replied that it was not a good idea as he had no strength to move and only a few minutes left to live.

Noelle, who is in her Valkyrie Dress, and Mimosa suddenly appeared and attacked the devil, but they were easily stopped by Sister Lily’s devil power. Lucius said that it was Beelzebub’s power, and he reincarnated and purified the devil using his soul magic.

At the same time, Lucius also revealed that he took control of the remaining supreme devils in the underworld as well as the ones on lower levels. Lucius also observed that by utilizing the devils, humanity would ascend to a new and higher life form, with Sister Lily being the first of her kind. Lucius called this transformation “The Paladins.” The devil also said that he would be ruling the world not just as a Wizard King but as the “Greatest Wizard King”.

Asta’s friends still tried to help him again, but they were contained by Sister Lily’s Spatial Magic, resulting in them being trapped inside the cage. With all the new power that Sister Lily received, it seems that she can no longer control her own mind and body. She even expressed her gratitude to Lucius for giving her the power.

After containing the three black bulls, Sister Lily approached Asta and stretched her hands toward him. Asta swears that he will save Sister Lily, but before he can do anything, he vanishes in front of everyone.

Lucius told everyone that the flaw of the world has been eliminated and that judgment day will arrive within seven days. However, Lucius is not expecting that everything will go smoothly as he has already foreseen that they will oppose him.

Shortly, the Magic Knights captains arrived and were shocked to see the Wizard King in front of them. However, they know that it’s not the Wizard King they know, as his magic is different from the Julius that they know of.

Lucius, along with Sister Lily, then vanished in front of them, leaving the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom in despair.

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