Black Clover Confirms Lucifero’s Death With Adrammelech Stealing His Heart

While Asta and Liebe already slashed Lucifer in Chapter 329 of the Black Clover manga series, fans are still doubtful if the two really defeated the highest-ranking devil. However, the release of Black Clover Chapter 330 seems to have finally cleared up the confusion among Black Clover fans as we see Lucifero lifeless.

Yuki Tabata has just released the new manga chapter titled “Declaration of Darkness”. At the very start of the chapter, Lucifero was seen unconscious and unable to fight. At first, many believed that the devil that Asta fought was just a clone, but the chapter strongly suggests that it was the real Lucifero.

As seen in the first few spreads of Chapter 330, Adrammelech, one of the highest-ranking devils, who is watching Lucifer fight, finally makes his move. After watching the defeat of Lucifero, Adrammelech floats in the air and approaches Asta. At first, I thought the devil would continue the fight against the Magic Knights, but he didn’t say a word when he approached Asta.

After watching Asta for a short time, Adrammelech moved again and approached Lucifero. This time, the manga shows how Adrammelech stole Lucifero’s heart while the lifeless body of Lucifero starts to disappear.

Adrammelech stole Lucifero’s heart.

Just right after taking Lucifero’s heart, Adrammelech bids farewell to the Magic Knights. Adrammelech also said that Lucifero’s heart was what he wanted, which explains why he did not take part in the fight against the Magic Knights.

With Adrammelech taking the heart of the high-ranking devil, the Black Clover manga seems to finally confirm that Lucifero is dead. While Asta and the others were able to stop the wrath of Lucifero, Adrammelech’s words before leaving suggest that they will return in the future.

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