Black Clover Hints Asta vs Lucifero Fight

While every Magic Knight thinks that the war is over after Asta interrupts Lucifero’s manifestation, everyone was caught off guard when the highest-ranking devil appeared in front of them. Will there be another war between the Magic Knight and the devil?

The latest Black Clover manga chapter titled “Change,” sees how the Black Bull Squad was able to save Yami from the verge of death. Along with the other Magic Knights, they were also able to rescue William Vangeance before it was too late.

Every member of the Black Bull Squad was happy to see their captain alive, but suddenly, a supreme devil from the second layer appeared. The devil asked them why they were all taking it easy knowing that Lucifero’s manifestation was already halfway through.

Black Clover
The Supreme Devil from the second layer appeared!

Everyone was speechless upon seeing and hearing what the devil said. As they are still clueless about what the devil really means, another devil has appeared in front of them. The devil asked why all of their heads were raised far too high while demonstrating his power and forcing the Magic Knights to fall down.

Asta and Liebe were shocked to see what happened and rushed towards their comrades. But just before Asta got near to his allies, the devil teleported and appeared beside him, recognizing him as the one who interfered with his full manifestation.

Black Clover
Lucifero teleported beside Asta and Liebe.

It turns out that the devil who suddenly appeared beside Asta was Lucifero, the highest-ranking devil and one of the three rulers of the underworld.

Will there be another war against the devil with another threat that has appeared in the world? Let’s find out in the next issue of Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover manga series.

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