Black Clover Manga Announces a 3-Month Break

Black Clover has been on a hype train since the start of the war against the devils in the Spade Kingdom. While Asta and the other Magic Knights were able to succeed in defeating the devils, the Black Clover manga author has revealed a shocking twist of events in Chapter 331.

Every manga reader was surprised with the chapter’s cliffhanger, and they are now excited to read the next chapter. However, Black Clover manga author Yuki Tabata has announced that the manga will be taking a break.

According to the announcement, the Black Clover manga will not be releasing new chapters in the next few weeks. The PR staff assumed that the hiatus would last for 3 months as they prepared for the final arc of the manga series.

Assuming that the manga will return after 3 months, it is expected that Black Clover Chapter 332 will be released in the first week of August 2022. As of the moment, these are the only confirmed details that we have. Stay tuned for another update!

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