Black Clover Reveals How Yuno’s Trump Card Kills Zenon Zogratis

The fight against the last standing member of the Dark Triad, Zenon, continues. With Yuno acquiring two Grimoires, fans are expecting to see a full-blown magic battle against the devil. Thankfully, the latest chapter of Black Clover, titled “The Constancy of Right and Wrong”, did not let us down as we saw Yuno defeating Zenon.

Chapter 310 features how Yuno releases his consecutive magic attack. At the same time, Zenon also did his best to handle the Magic Knights’ attack. In the middle of their fight, we get to see another backstory of Zenon before he becomes the host of the devil Beelzebub.

Zenon entered a room where he saw three individuals. Two of these are Vanica and Dante, while the other one’s identity was not revealed. While the face of the unknown person was not shown, his words strongly suggested that he was Zenon’s brother.

Black Clover
Zenon’s older brother teased.

The scene then resumes the fight between Yuno and Zenon. Yuno was seen attacking Zenon with an axe. Zenon, on the other hand, also used his devil magic to erase all of Yuno’s stars. With Yuno’s series of attacks and Zenon’s countermagic, the Dark Triad believes that Yuno will no longer be able to teleport or defend. What he didn’t know is that Yuno unlocked another magic power-up, allowing him to fully unleash his full potential.

In a belief that Yuno was unguarded, Zenon attacked the Magic Knight while proclaiming that it was his victory. But just before the devil host lands his attack, Yuno disappears in front of him. Yuno suddenly appeared behind Zenon and slashed him with his sword, cutting the devil’s heart into two pieces.

Black Clover
Yuno slashed Zenon’s heart.

Yuno’s attack may seem to finally end the life of Zenon of the Dark Triad, but we also learned that he still has a brother. The Dark Triad is one of the main antagonists of Black Clover series. With the appearance of Zenon’s brother, the Clover Kingdom and the other kingdoms may still face a new threat.

What do you think about the conclusion of the fight between Zenon and Yuno? Do you also agree that the unidentified person was Zenon’s brother? Feel free to leave your opinions, theories, and feedback in the comments below.

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