Black Clover Reveals Megicula’s True Form

Previously, Black Clover fans only got to see the silhouette of Vanica’s devil. But that ends today as Black Clover finally reveals the first full appearance of Megicula, one of the most powerful devils linked to the Tree of Qliphoth.

Megicula Reveals Her True Form

Black Clover is still in the midst of the Spade Kingdom Arc, and the latest Chapter 297 of the Black Clover manga features the first full appearance of Vanica’s devil.

Vanica is one of the Dark Triad who has a contract with Megicula. In the early days of Black Clover, fans only saw the silhouette of Megicula. However, in the most recent manga chapter, we finally got to see Megicula’s appearance.

Megicula’s appearance was triggered while Noelle was fighting Vanica. With Noelle’s newly acquired magic power, she managed to surpass Vanica’s devil’s power. Chapter 297 sees how Noelle launches her consecutive attack to finally end Vanica’s life. However, just before Noelle unleashed her final attack, Megicula appeared.

Black Clover
Megicula’s first appearance | Image via SrLmao

Megicula’s Hidden Agenda

Just before Megicula revealed her true appearance, the devil told Vanica that while she was an interesting host, there was also another reason why Megicula hadn’t left her.

Even Lucifer, according to Megicula, is unaware of her plans, but with the souls of three powerful same-sex mages, her final act can now take place. Megicula refers to the souls of Vanica, Lolopechka, and Noelle.

Black Clover

Megicula will have her full manifestation once she collects the three souls of powerful magic. But before she makes her final transformation, Megicula wants Noelle to taste her final rampage.

Will Noelle Silva be able to stop Megicula’s overwhelming devil power? Leave your thoughts and opinion in the comments below.

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