Black Clover Surprised Fans with Gadjah’s Love Confession to Lolopechka

Gadjah is considered as one of the strongest individuals in the Heart Kingdom. Despite his intimidating look as a Spirit Guardian, Gadjah has a soft heart for her queen, Lolopechka. Gadjah’s feelings towards Lolopechka have already been hinted at many times in both the anime and manga, but there has been no confirmation from the character about her true feelings for her queen until this new manga chapter.

Following the fight against Megicula, Gadjah of the Heart Kingdom surprised every Black Clover fan with his unexpected love confession. And you guess it right, Gadjah finally shared her true feelings with Lolopechka.

After the defeat of Megicula, the curse covering Lolopechka’s body vanished. Noelle came to the rescue to help her friend. Shortly after, the wounded Gadjah appeared as he slowly approached the queen. Gadjah only managed to take a few steps when he fell to the ground due to the damage that his body had received.

Lolopechka immediately used her power, but it was not enough to heal the wounds of the Spirit Guardian. But Yuki Tabata seems to have a better plan for Gadjah, as the author brings Mimosa to the scene and uses her power to heal all of them.

Right after Gadjah was healed, he approached Lolopechka. The queen bowed her head and sincerely apologized for the unwanted events. But instead of hearing Gadja’s forgiveness, Lolopechka was caught off guard when Gadjah spoke about his true feelings to her. Without any hesitation, Gadjah grabbed the situation to tell Lolopechka that he loved her. The Spirit Guardian clarified that he loved Lolopechka not as her queen but as a woman.

Black Clover

Everyone around them was surprised by Gadja’s love confession to Lolopechka. This is a moment that every Black Clover fan has been waiting for, but the threat of the devils has not yet finished. Will they be able to defeat all the devils bringing chaos to the world? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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