Black Clover Teases Yuno’s Power Awakening

The fight against the devil of the Spade Kingdom is really getting intense. Following the defeat of Dante and Vanica, Black Clover fans are now waiting for the outcome of the fight between Zenon and Yuno following Yuno’s power-up in the cliffhanger in Chapter 308.

This isn’t the first time Yuno has faced the devil host, Zenon. Their first meeting happened during the abduction of the Golden Dawn captain in the Clover Kingdom. Yuno witnessed the aftermath of Zenon’s attack and while he tried to stop Zenon from taking William Vangeance, he failed and almost got killed. Thankfully, William Vangeance left some healing magic that helps him and the other members of the Golden Dawn survive.

During the attack against the Spade Kingdom, Yuno once again faced Zenon. Yuno and his friends tried to defeat the host of the devil Beelzebub, but unfortunately, they failed. However, things may have changed after the release of Black Clover Chapter 308, where Yuno was seen receiving another awakening.

Langris Vaude and Finral Roulacase’s situation, Yuno remembers all the challenges and promise that he made with his friend, Asta. As a result, Yuno decides to step up once again and put his life on the line to defeat the enemy. And as before he stood up, an image started appearing in front of him. It was a Grimoire and Patolli immediately noticed that it was Licht and Tetia’s Grimoire.

Black Clover
Yuno with his two Grimoires.

Black Clover manga depicts Yuno standing up and declaring that he will save his captain and everyone. It is also worth noting that Yuno now has a total of two Grimoires, suggesting that Zenon will be facing another level of power from the real prince of the Spade Kingdom.

Will Yuno’s awakening be able to defeat the overwhelming power of Zenon and Beelzebub? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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