Boruto Anime Debuts Sarada’s Perfect Chidori Against Boro

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 207 has finally been aired and it features the coolest fight adapted to the anime. The episode highlights the continuation of the fight between the new Team 7 and Boro of the Kara Organization.

During this battle, Sarada has been silently observing Boro as her teammates are fighting the enemy. With the help of Kawaki’s suggestion, Sarada was able to find the weakness of Boro. Sarada was able to pinpoint the exact location of the core that Kawaki mentioned, but due to the nature of this core, Sarada had to act alone or her comrades’ efforts would be wasted.

Sarada vs Boro

The epic scene that every manga reader has finally been showcased in Episode 207. The anime did a really great job highlighting the character development of Sarada, especially during this difficult situation. Sarada hasn’t perfected the technique that she learned from Sasuke, but it was the only technique that she can use to defeat the enemy.

Sarada analyzing Boro’s weakness.

Despite the fact that her Chidori is still not complete, Sarada still relies on her talent and believes that she can properly use and execute the technique of her father. After analyzing the moves and the location of Boro’s weakness, Sarada jumped into the battlefield to launch her attack.

Sarada Unleashed her Perfect Chidori

After Boruto’s attack that destroyed the arms of Boro, Sarada appeared in front of the enemy and caught him off guard. Using the Sharingan and Chidori, Sarada was able to land an attack against Boro. Boro was also surprised to see this attack from a young girl of the Konoha Village.

Sarada attacks Boro using Chidori.

Without being noticed, Sarada shocked Boro after revealing that she snatched the core that the enemy was using to regenerate his body. This episode marks the end of Boro’s fast regeneration, resulting in him being unable to control his body. 

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