Boruto Episode 206 Discussion – Boro vs the New Team 7

Boruto and Kawaki successfully open an interdimensional portal that leads them to the Seventh Hokage’s location. They were greeted by Boro, who had been assigned by Jigen to guard Naruto, who had been sealed due to the possibility of Sasuke’s return.

What is it about Team 7’s fight against Boro that is so intriguing?

Boruto Using Karma’s Power to Absorb Attacks

Boruto is basically a smart kid who can master situations, such as suddenly using Karma’s power to absorb Jutsu. Boro employs the lava technique, which Kawaki absorbs because he fears Naruto’s seal will break and endanger the Hokage. Boruto was able to imitate Kawaki’s technique of absorbing Jutsu from Karma after witnessing it.

Boro and His Black Mist Power

As we’ve seen in previous episodes, Boro has the ability to poison the air, causing poisoning and illness in small villages. He used that technique against Team 7 where the black fog made Boruto, Kawaki, and Mitsuki weaker. The problem is that this technique is clearly difficult to defeat because it is in the air, and it also poisons those around it because the black fog is a virus.

Sarada Being the Captain of Team 7

If we talk about who the new captain of Team 7 is, Sarada is the most suitable ninja in this team. Sarada demonstrates her ability as a captain even in episode 206, where only Sarada can think calmly in these difficult conditions and devise a strategy. He also correctly assessed the situation, allowing Team 7 to counterattack Boro, who was clearly at a much higher level than them.

Boruto x Kawaki Rasengan Powerup

This is one of the episode’s highlights, as we see how the combination of Boruto and Kawaki’s Rasengan works. Boruto creates a Rasengan and fortifies it with Karma, and this Rasengan is also fortified by Karma Kawaki. As a result, the Rasengan grows in size and blows up Boro’s body, though he will not go down easily.

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