Boruto Chapter 64: Boruto Controls his Karma

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 64, titled “Control”, was officially released on November 19, 2021. The chapter covers the continuation of the fight between the Boruto-Kawaki tandem against Code.

Boruto started using his karma while his body was leaking a lot of chakras. Code asked how and why Momoshiki was able to emerge even though Boruto was still only a vessel, while Kawaki assumed and was mad about Momoshiki’s reappearance. However, the two were shocked when Boruto asked Kawaki to move back. It turns out that Boruto was able to control his Karma and the power of an Otsutsuki.

Boruto asked Kawaki to keep his distance.

Boruto started attacking Code, and with the power that he possessed, he was able to keep up with Code’s speed and power. Code was able to leave a mark on Boruto’s body and used it to attack the shadow clones that the young ninja created. While Code was using his claw, Boruto was able to grab his arms and pull him out of the markings.

After Boruto’s attack, the fight suddenly stopped. Kawaki was impressed by the power that Boruto was able to manifest, but he wasn’t able to understand how Boruto was able to control and manage the power. Meanwhile, Code reached out to Eida and asked what was happening. Eida revealed to Code that Boruto was able to control the power of the Otsutsuki, maybe because of the effect of Amado’s medicine.

Boruto attacked Code.

Back inside the Konoha Village, Naruto started using his sage mode. Naruto asked Ino to forget about tracking Kawaki’s chakra and switch to finding Boruto’s chakra instead. Naruto also asked the ninja to keep an eye on Kawaki and start his search for Boruto.

After speaking with the other ninja, Shikaramu unexpectedly arrived. The Hokage asked Shikarami what he was doing there. Shikaramu replied that he’s not letting Naruto go alone knowing that he no longer has Kurama’s power. Naruto thought that Shikaramu will stop him but it turns out that he will be accompanying him to track Boruto and Kawaki.

Naruto using his Sage Mode.

As the two were preparing to leave, Hinata and Himawari appeared. Hinata told Naruto that she would be joining the search, but Naruto declined. To ease the tension, Naruto also promised her daughter that he would be coming back home with Kawaki and Boruto.

Going back to the fight, Boruto tried to use his Karma to absorb Code’s claw marking. However, due to the unique nature of the enemy’s technique, he failed to absorb it. On the other hand, Kawaki asked Boruto about what was happening. Boruto told Kawaki about the medicine that Amado gave him. Kawaki says that knowing that the side effects are still unknown, Amado’s medicine is unreliable.

The fight against Code is about to resume, but the enemy decides to stop it for now. He transported himself behind Kawaki. Code grabbed Kawaki and they were about to leave, but Kawaki suddenly changed his mind. At the same time, Boruto tried to attack Code using his Rasengan, but Code still managed to escape.

Boruto x Kawaki vs Code

While Boruto and Kawaki were still fighting Code, Naruto was able to finally track Boruto’s chakra. Shikamaru warned Naruto not to push himself too much as he’s using his Sage Mode, but Naruto revealed that he has nothing to worry about as his technique will last longer than before. Naruto also revealed that he calls this technique “The Wisdom of Age”.

Naruto finally tracks Boruto’s chakra.

Boruto and Kawaki decide to work as a team to take down the enemy in front of them. With their combined attack, Boruto was able to land several hits.

Boruto drops to the ground.

As the fight was getting more intense, Boruto suddenly felt something unusual. Boruto fell to the ground, and it seems that the effect of Amado’s medicine finally kicked in.

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