Did Rabbit Hero Mirko Die in My Hero Academia?

The fight against the villains in My Hero Academia is surely one of the most exciting arcs in the series. The manga author has been continuously surprising fans with the epic fights between the heroes and villains. One of the most notable heroes that we were able to see showcasing their fighting skills was Mirko. While she is known for having good agility and fighting skills, does that mean she will survive the wrath of the villains?

Did Mirko die in My Hero Academia?

The short answer is no. Rabbit Hero Mirko is still alive in the My Hero Academia series. However, she has had a near-to-death experience since the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

Mirko makes her debut in Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 184. The series has given her an outstanding entrance, along with the other pro heroes like Edgeshot and Kamui Woods. Since then, many fans have been waiting to see her in action, which manga author Kohei Horikoshi fulfilled during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Mirko was the one who found and located the real Kyudai Garaki. Mirko’s mission was to capture Dr. Garaki, but she was unable to accomplish the mission after she was stopped by five High-End Nomu.

Mirko’s fight against the High-End Nomu is one of the most epic fights during this arc. Unfortunately, she was defeated by the High-End Nomu, resulting in Dr. Garaki and Tomura Shigaraki’s escape. Mirko was severely wounded and injured during the battle, but she survived.

During the Final War Arc, the series once again featured the fierce battle of Mirko against the villains. We see Mirko fight the main antagonist of the series, and she almost gets killed. Many fans witnessed how she sacrificed everything just to stop Shigaraki until Izuku Midoriya arrived. Fortunately, before the enemy takes her life, Deku arrives to take on Shigaraki.

The Final War Arc in My Hero Academia is still far from over. This page will be updated if there are any Mirko status changes.

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