Dr. Stone Chapter 232 Spoilers, Recap, and Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 232 is just around the corner and it will continue Senku’s journey on the moon. The previous manga chapter, titled “A Future to Get Excited About” highlights the negotiation between Senku and Why-Man.

Since you’re already here searching for the science adventure in the next chapter of the Dr. Stone manga, we’re assuming that you’ve already read the last chapter as this content contains the recap of Chapter 231. Apart from the recap, we will also be telling you the release date of the upcoming Dr. Stone Chapter 232.

Dr. Stone Chapter 232 Release Date

Will there be a break in Riichiro Inagaki’s manga series? As of the moment, there has been no announcement from the distribution partner of the manga about any delays or schedule changes. Assuming that there are no unexpected schedule changes, Dr. Stone Chapter 232 will be officially released on March 6, 2022. You can read the official English-translated chapter on Manga Plus, which is available on mobile devices and Viz.

Dr. Stone Chapter 232 Spoilers

Unlike the other manga series out there, it’s very rare to see the early spoilers of the Dr. Stone manga. However, the early scans of the manga are usually released by several unauthorized manga websites. This means that you can read Chapter 232 of the Dr. Stone manga before the official release mentioned above.

Dr. Stone Chapter 231 Recap

The previous chapter starts with Senku being separated from his friends as he speaks with Why-Man. Senku has been negotiating with Why-Man inside, while the others have no idea what’s going on. Stanley, who was just outside, was also preparing for the worst in case something unwanted happened. Inside, Senku asked Why-Man to work with them instead of finding another planet. Senku proposed that if Why-Man and humanity team up, they can craft something truly out of this world. Why-Man thinks that Senku’s offer has nearly zero percent chance of succeeding, which is why he will not be teaming up with the humans.

However, nearly zero percent excites Senku and he shows Why-Man the achievements that they have made in only ten years. With Senku’s explanation, Why-Man also got excited, and instead of leaving Earth, it decided to stay. With this, Why-Man offered his life to the humans. Everyone celebrates what Senku and the others achieved as they started moving back to Earth.

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