Dr. Stone Introduces Ryusui Nanami’s Genius Mathematician Brother

The journey to reach the moon in the Dr. Stone manga is getting more interesting as the series introduces a new genius mathematician from India. However, it seems that this genius mathematician is blood-related to the navigator of the Kingdom of Science.

Chapter 204 of Dr. Stone manga sees the arrival of the Kingdom of Science in India in search of the genius mathematician that will help them with their cause. Ryusui suggested a man named Sai, a well-known person in India with a brain of a million people, a genius mathematician.

The new Perseus landed in India after crossing the Suez Canal. The Kingdom of Science immediately searched for Sai’s stone statue. With the help of Ryusui, they easily found Sai’s undamaged statue. Upon seeing the statue, they immediately noticed that Sai seemed to be a mix of Indian and Japanese.

Sai’s stone statue.

Without any wasted time, Gen poured the revival fluid into the stone. Sai’s body had been restored and he thanked Gen for reviving him. Sai looked around and saw Ryusui and his face suddenly changed. Sai was shocked upon seeing Ryusui in front of him. Sai tried to run away but he was immediately stopped by Kohaku.

Gen asked him why he ran away and Sai responded that he ran away to India and would never go back to Nanami and to Ryusui. This confuses the people around and to clarify everything, Ryusui speaks up and reveals that the full name of the newly revived human was Nanami Sai. In addition to what he said, Sai also called Ryusui by his name and added that he was his brother.

Sai Nanami was shocked upon seeing Ryusui, his brother.

Everyone was shocked upon hearing those words from Ryusui and Sai. Given the situation, it seems that there are some unsettled family-related matters between Ryusui, the navigator of the Kingdom of Science, and Sai, the genius mathematician.

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