Dr. Stone Manga Ending Explained, Senku Creating a Mind-Blowing Machine

After thousands of years since the first global petrification, Senku and the Kingdom of Science have finally reached their final moment in the Dr. Stone manga series. As expected, the young genius scientist was able to obtain the answers to all of his questions since he was petrified. With the release of Dr. Stone Chapter 232, Senku Ishigami bids farewell to the manga series that is being followed by thousands of fans.

Is the Dr. Stone Manga Over?

The Dr. Stone manga series has already been concluded, with its final Chapter 232 released on March 6, 2022. Unlike any other manga series that is also finished, the final moments of the manga still feature another out-of-this-world scientific invention from our main protagonist, Senku Ishigami. But the question is, will Senku be able to make that machine operational?

What Happened at the End of Dr. Stone Manga?

The final chapter of the Dr. Stone manga is titled “Dr. Stone”, which features Senku’s return to earth and a timeskip. After successfully dealing with Why-Man, Senku and the other members of the outer space journey received a medal of awards.

After a few years of timeskip, the manga starts with Asagiri, who is speaking in front of several professionals. It’s also a good ending for the two lovers of Dr. Stone, as Taiju finally marries Yuzuriha. The Taiju-Yuzuriha wedding also sees Yo Uei and Stanley Snyder celebrating, while Moz is luring some women in the background. With the wedding happening, Kohaku is teasing Ruri about her relationship with Chrome. Apart from the familiar faces, the manga also surprised fans with its Senku-look-alike female character.

The manga continues with the appearance of the main protagonist of the series, who is busy with his new project. Given the time that had already passed since their return from the moon, Senku, along with Why-Man, started working on a new invention. Senku’s plan since the beginning of the series hasn’t changed, as he still wants to revive humanity.

Gen and the others applaud Senku’s actions, despite the fact that they had no idea what they were. Suddenly, Why-Man speaks and explains that the goal of their machine was to return to the past to prevent what happened. Gen was shocked by what he heard. This results in Senku revealing that they are creating a time machine.

Where to Read the Final Chapter of Dr. Stone?

You can read Dr. Stone Chapter 232 from the official manga distributors such as Viz and Manga Plus. Apart from the final chapter, you can also read all the previously released chapters, starting with Chapter 1, from the mentioned sources.

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