Dr. Stone Teases Stanley’s Revival

Stanley Snyder has been petrified during the South America Arc, and while the Kingdom of Science decides to not revive him during Xeno’s revival, it seems that Stanley is about to make his return in the Dr. Stone manga series.

This presumption was due to the recently released Dr. Stone Chapter 220, where we see Ryusui Nanami visiting the petrified body of Stanley in the hidden chamber. Currently, the Kingdom of Science is preparing for its first-ever outerspace flight to face Why-Man. With Ryusui’s navigational skills, he’s now part of the team and will play a crucial role in bringing his friends to the moon.

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While everyone is confident in Ryusui’s skills, it seems that the navigator of the Kingdom of Science knows his limits. In Chapter 220, Ryusui starts doing his job by making a model of the spacecraft. At the same time, he also tried to hone his combat skills in case Why-Man tried to attack them.

The navigator of the Kingdom of Science seems to acknowledge that his navigational skills are still not enough. While everyone was asleep, Ryusui started moving and visited the hidden chamber. From here, Ryusui told himself that there was a pilot better than him, who also happened to be the world’s greatest marksman.

Upon entering the hidden chamber, the manga sees Ryusui facing Stanley Snyder, who is still petrified due to the previous battle against the Kingdom of Science.

Ryusui visits Stanley’s petrified body.

While Ryusui’s next action is yet to be revealed, the cliffhanger of Dr. Stone Chapter 220 already hints that Ryusui is about to revive Stanley Snyder and replace him as the pilot of the rocket that will bring Senku and the others to the moon.

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