Grimm Challenges Velou to Become a Hunter in The Hunters Guild: Red Hood

The fight against the werewolves invading the hamlet is still ongoing and the latest chapter of The Hunters Guild: Red Hood sees Grimm challenging Velou to become a hunter.

Velou had become an orphan at a young age after the werewolves killed his parents. But thanks to the people of the hamlet, Velou still grows happily. However, the peaceful hamlet has been experiencing fear once again due to the werewolves’ attack.

Currently, the hamlet is facing two werewolves. While they hired Grimm to protect and kill the werewolves, it seems that the hunter has a better plan for our main character, Velou.

In Chapter 3 of The Hunters Guild: Red Hood, Velou witnessed how the werewolf killed another werewolf. Velou has been slowly seeing the truth behind the cruelty of the werewolves. Now that only one werewolf remains inside the hamlet, it should be easy for Grimm to kill it. But instead of facing the werewolf, Grimm decides to let Velou deal with the monster.

Grimm told Velou to drop the righteous-anger nonsense as it serves no purpose. Grimm added that the hunt against the werewolves is a battle of wits between the hunter and the prey. In order to protect something important, Grimm told Velou to stay calm, think, and observe the surroundings.

Grimm’s words seem to reach Velou’s heart. At the same time, Grimm challenges Velou that this fight against Dodou, the werewolf, is the beginning of him becoming a hunter.

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