Here’s Why We Won’t Be Seeing Konohamaru Summoning Enma in Boruto

In Boruto’s future, will Konohamaru be able to summon the Monkey King Enma, Hiruzen Sarutobi’s personal summon?

Enma’s first appearance occurred during the fight against Orochimaru, where he faced Tobirama and Hashirama Senju. At the time, Enma showed himself to be quite experienced and skilled, especially with Taijutsu, which was enough to temporarily deal with an Edo Tensei version of Hashirama Senju. But after Hiruzen’s death, the Enma Monkey King never appeared again in the entire series, and this has raised some questions.

We probably won’t see the Monkey King in Boruto.

In the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime, Konohamaru has his own personal summon, who is also a monkey. His name is Enra and he has been shown to be skilled in Taijutsu, just like King Enma.

Enma was a former companion of Hiruzen, which implies his advanced age. So it is likely that he is currently dead. This leads us to imagine that Enma and Hiruzen possibly grew up side by side, so it seems to make a lot more sense for Konohamaru to experience the same with his own personal summoner, Enra.

Unfortunately, the series never explored the subject. So we can’t know for sure if there really are more monkeys and if they live in packs like this with the frogs on Mount Myoboku. That said, it seems unlikely that Konohamaru will summon the Monkey King in Boruto’s future. However, flashbacks may still feature Enma in the anime series.

In case you don’t know, Naruto Shippuden wrapped up in 2017. The complete anime is available on Crunchyroll. The success of Naruto justified its sequel, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which is also on Crunchyroll.

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