How Did Yuga Aoyama Become the UA Traitor in My Hero Academia?

With the release of Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 336, manga author Kohei Horikoshi has officially revealed Yuga Aoyama as the traitor inside UA High School. Many fans are shocked to see how the jolly student turned into one of AFO’s underlings. If you haven’t read the manga yet, here’s the complete breakdown of how Aoyama became affiliated with the villain.

Who is Yuga Aoyama?

Yuga Aoyama, also known as the Shining Hero: Can’t Stop Twinling, is one of the Class 1-A students at U.A. High School. Aoyama has been with Izuku Midoriya since Deku started studying at the hero academy.

Aoyama’s quirk is called “Navel Laser,” which allows him to shoot a sparking laser cannon from his navel. His quirk is strong enough that it can blast and penetrate through solid concrete. Despite having a strong quirk, Aoyama does not possess any melee combat skills, resulting in him losing to Mina Ashido during the U.A. Sports Festival.

Is Yuga Aoyama the traitor?

Yes, Yuga Aoyama is the spy sent by All for One. According to Chapter 336 of the My Hero Academia manga series, Aoyama admitted in front of Izuku Midoriya that he’s a villain. He also revealed that he was the one responsible for leaking the details about the U.S.J. and training camp incident.

How did Yuga Aoyama become a villain?

Apart from the confirmation that he’s a villain, Chapter 336 also revealed how he became affiliated with All for One.

During Aoyama’s conversation with his parents, Toru Hagakure overheard how they were affiliated with the villain. Aoyama’s parents asked him to just do whatever he was told to do, as their life was on the line. While Aoyama was able to successfully relay the reports to All for One before, it seems that he’s already changing his heart.

The manga chapter continues with a flashback of Yuga’s childhood. When Yuga Aoyama was still a kid, he was one of the quirkless kids around town, just like Izuku Midoriya. Yuga’s parents asked him if he wanted to be like everyone else, and he affirmed that being different is scary. As a result, his parents approached All for One and asked to give him a quirk.

Aoyama’s parents knew that asking a villain for a favor would surely put their life on the line, but they didn’t know that All for One’s villainous activities would continue. Yuga’s parents asked for forgiveness for their foolish actions, and at the same time, they begged to save them from the villain.

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