Isop0dyssey Achievements Guide

A complete guide for all achievements in Isop0dyssey.


– Use your map while gathering achievements!

Things such as race locations and isopods are marked on your map. This can make finding the tricky isopods a lot easier.

– Don’t exit or finish the game while talking to every isopod!

Talk with every isopod in the city (shown in the guide) and end with Lil Meemus to ensure that you receive the achievement. Leaving or finishing the game might make the achievement reset.

Welcome to Abyss City

– Launch the game

Get Back to Work

– Talk to every isopod in Abyss City

1) Anita, near the beginning of the game

2, 3) Zdroy and Olds, by the gas station

4) Euripterida, at the stoplight on the side of the road

5) Loftus, on the second floor of the motel next to the stoplight

6) Merton Ross, in front of the tower

7) Silva Achenbach, beside the big factory in the middle of the city

8) Bartlett, at the tram station in front of the factory

9) Pieson, in the town beside the factory

10) Yeremiash, in the town beside the factory

11) Neisser, by a fish parking lot and right in front of the playground

12, 13) Bogi and Boti, at the playground surrounded by seaweed

14) Palmarius, at a bus stop close to the gas station and playground

15) Minos, hiding in a fort close to the gas station

16) Rolfe, beside where you end the second race (up on the hills)

17) Mysterious Parasite, in a structure further up from Rolfe

18) Hardcore James, on the side of the road on top of the hills (near the same area as Rolfe)

19, 20) Seligman Le Doux and Geracioti, in the playground behind the tall buildings up on a higher level. Go to the town with these buildings and continue till you reach the playground where a tram station can also be found (if you have a hard time finding these isopods you can take the tram till you reach their location)

21) Beck, under the cliff where you find the previous two isopods

21) Matsumoto, outside of the small house in a seaweed field. The house can be seen from the road by the factory

22) Drought, under an umbrella beside the house

23) Juusto, beside the house there is a road that follows behind into the mountains. The entrance has a form of bone over it and inside you will find another achievement. The isopod is on top of a tall structure

24) Matylda, follow the road from Juusto and the isopod will be at the bottom of the stairs

25) Ruusu, under the Bogitek controller

28) Lil Meemus, inside of the factory (you will see this isopod after you finish the third race)

Gift from Heavens… or at least Slope City

– Find the Bogitek controller

The controller is located in between the mountains. The entrance can be found under a type of bone beside the house in the seaweed field. You will get the achievement when you enter the area and see the controller

Do Fish Feel Pain?

– Talk to the Mysterious Parasite

Near the same location where you find Rolfe, you will see the structure where the Mysterious Parasite is hidden

Retain Some Whimsy

– Find the parasite playground

It can be found near an isopod statue surrounded by seaweed. This is the same playground where you find the isopods Bogi and Boti

Bucket inside a Bucket inside a Bucket inside a Bucket

– Find the bucket

Go right from the tower (where Merton Ross is located) and follow the road till you see a big tipped-over bucket. Inside of that bucket is a smaller bucket. Go near the small bucket to receive the achievement.

Shrimp is Bugs

– Find the shrimp

Follow the road from where you start the game until you reach the turn in the first image. Instead of continuing down the road go straight ahead onto the large open area. From the open area you will see the entrance to the coral reef where the shrimp can be found

Do Isopods Produce Adrenaline?

– Finish the first race

All of the locations can be found by following the red marker on the map


(Near the factory)

It’s Ride or Die

– Finish the second race


(At the stoplight)

Uninsured Giblets

– “Finish” the third race


(In front of the tower)

Cut Corners

– Interact with the broken button

When you start your shift inside the factory where you have to sort bottles from the trash, press the red button to receive the achievement

The Grind Never Ends

– Work at the factory

(You automatically enter the factory after completing the third race)

When you are inside the factory, go to the buttons and sort the bottles into the eel (right) and the trash into the abyss (left).

Wake up, Dear Isopod

– Use the tram

After you finish your shift at the factory head to Lil Meemus’s office and you will automatically get on the tram

Or you can go to one of the tram stations marked on your map and hop on

Marine Snow Keeps Falling

– Finish the game

To finish the game you have to complete the three races to start your shift at the factory. After you have completed your shift you will hop on a tram. While you are on the tram all you have to do is wait and you will finish the game

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