Jujutsu Kaisen: The Culling Game Rules Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen has introduced the rules of The Culling Game at the end of Itadori’s Extermination Arc, the 9th arc in Gege Akutami’s manga series. The Culling Game comes with some rules that every participant should follow, else they will be facing death. Initially, the series introduced the 8th original rules for the game, but as the game progresses, participants can add some new rules for their own benefit.

Here, we will be breaking each and every rule of The Culling Game and how it will affect every participant in the game.

What is The Culling Game in Jujutsu Kaisen?

To summarize the details, The Culling Game is a deathmatch between sorcerers and non-sorcerers, also known as players. After joining the game, each player will have to kill the other players to gain points and survive. The game has already set a total of 8 rules, but like what is mentioned above, players can add a new rule to the game. Before a new rule is added, they are being reviewed by the game organizer. Basically, this game is a battle royale between the players.

What are the rules of The Culling Game?

By default, the Sacrifice Game has eight specific rules that each participant must follow. But as the manga continues, it has been seen that players continually add new rules. Here is the list of rules and how it works in Jujutsu Kaisen.

The Culling Game Default Rules

  • After awakening a cursed technique, players must declare their participation in the culling game at a barrier of their choice within 19 days.
  • Any player who breaks the previous rule shall be subject to cursed technique removal.
  • Non-players who enter the colony become players at the moment of entry and shall be considered to have declared participation in the culling game.
  • Players score points by ending the lives of other players.
  • Points are determined by the game master and indicate the value of a player’s life. As a general rule, sorcerers are worth 5 points, and non-sorcerers are worth 1 point.
  • Excluding the point value of a player’s own life, players may expend 100 points to negotiate with the game master to add one new rule to the culling game.
  • In accordance with the previous rule, the game master must accept any proposed new rule unless it has a marked and long-lasting effect on the culling game.
  • If a player’s score remains the same for 19 days, that player shall be subject to cursed technique removal.

Newly Added Rules

  • Players shall have access to information on other players, such as name, points, the number of rules added, and the current colony. (Added by Hajime Kashimo, Chapter 158)
  • Players can give any amount of points they want to another player. (Added by Hiromi Higuruma, Chapter 167)

Note: Participants can add a new rule in exchange of their points.

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