Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 49: Kaiju No. 9 Finds Isao Shinomiya

Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 49 was officially released on November 11, 2021. The chapter covers the infiltration of Kaiju No. 9 to the headquarters. Isao Shinomiya was the one to face the overwhelming power of the monster.

On the battlefield, Beta told Kafka that he would be using a great Kaiju power for himself. Kafka was confused and realized that something was wrong. Kafka called Captain Narumi and told them that the enemy they had defeated was not the main body.

Kaiju No. 9 attacks the headquarters.

Back at the headquarters, the staff were shocked to see Kaiju No. 9 appear in front of them. Kafka transformed into his Kaiju form once again and rushed towards the location of the director-general. Gen Narumi and Kikoru, Isao’s daughter, also started running back to the headquarters.

Isao Shinomiya blocked Kaiju No. 9’s attack.

Right after the appearance of Kaiju No. 9, Isao Shinomiya told the personnel to start the evacuation. Kaiju No. 9 attacked them, but Isao blocked it. They realized that Kaiju No. 9 was after No. 2’s power. Isao asked Itami and Nogizaka to lead the evacuation and flee the area. Nogizaka told Isao that he would be helping fight the monster, but Itamo stopped him as they would just get in Isao’s way.

Isao Shinomiya prepares his weapon to fight No. 9.

Isao Shinomiya picked up his weapon and warmed it up as a preparation for the fight. Kaiju No. 9 stands up and tells Isao that he’s surprised to see Beta and Gamma defeated, as they are supposed to be as strong as he was before he shed.

Isao Shinomiya vs Kaiju No. 9

The start of the intense matchup began when their two fists touched together. With the start of the fight, the other staff started their evacuation. Itamo, who is watching beside, says that according to the third division’s report, Kaiju No. 9’s fortitude is 8.5, suggesting that Isao might only be managing it. However, they were all shocked to see Kaiju No. 9 putting the Director General of the Defense Force to the ground. Kaiju No. 9 even asked himself if he had gotten too strong.

Isao Shinomiya vows to defeat Kaiju No. 9.

Upon seeing how Isao was taken down, Itamo told himself that their estimate was way too far behind the actual strength of Kaiju No. 9. The monster tried to attack Isao once again, but its punch was stopped by the general. Isao gets up and tells Kaiju No. 9 that he will be defeated by him while remembering Hikari Shinomiya and Kikoru.

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