Kaiju No. 8 Reveals the Secret Behind Gen Narumi’s Eyes

The fight against Kaiju No. 9 is still ongoing, but the manga series has another unexpected surprise for its fans. While Kafka Hibino was able to transform into his Kaiju form, Gen Narumi, the captain of the first division, joined him to fight against the enemy and exhibit his customized weapon crafter from Kaiju No. 1’s retina.

In the fight against Kaiju No. 9, it has been revealed that the monster is evolving and adapting on the battlefield. This adaptation has also been confirmed by Kaiju No. 9 himself. Gen Narumi demonstrated both his close-combat and long-range abilities as he faced the monster.

Using his gun sword marked GS-3305, Gen Narumi was able to slash and inflict deadly attacks against Kaiju No. 9. While he was able to land these attacks, it’s not enough to take down the monster as it has a regeneration ability to heal any wounds during the fight.

Kaiju No. 9 used another attack against the captain of the first division by extending his body, resulting in a huge explosion that could potentially kill Gen. However, Gen was able to survive this attack and told his comrades that he’s okay.

The monster was surprised to see how Gen Narumi was able to survive, but what caught the attention of Kaiju No. 9 was Gen Narumi’s eyes. The monster asked the warrior about his eyes, but the captain’s reply was an attack on his chest, leaving a huge hole in Kaiju No. 9’s body.

As Chapter 47 gets close to its final spread, Isao Shinomiya appears while revealing that Gen Narumi’s eyes were RT-0001, a customized weapon and Japan’s oldest numbers weapon crafted from the retina of Kaiju No. 1.

Will Gen Narumi and his RT-0001 be able to defeat Kaiju No. 9? Let’s find out in the next issue of the Kaiju No. 8 manga series.

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