Kaiju No. 9 Declares War Against Humanity in Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 53

Kaiju No. 8 series just featured another epic moment in the latest manga issue. In Chapter 53, the fight against Kaiju No. 9 continues. However, it seems that the monster’s life will be spared again as the manga sees No. 9 escaping from the battlefield.

The manga chapter starts with Kikoru Shinomiya’s self-pity as she can’t do anything to fight the monster that killed Isao, while both of her comrades are fighting the Kaiju. In the previous chapter, Kaiju No. 9 told Kafka and Gen that he’s done fighting after taking the life of Isao Shinomiya.

With the death of the Director General, both Kafka and Gen are doing their best to restrain No. 9. With the power that they possessed, Kaiju No. 9 seems to be having trouble handling all the attacks that the soldiers are hurling at it.

Both Kafka and Gen are determined to end the life of Kaiju No. 9, but it seems that it’s not yet the right time as the monster uses the human’s weakness to escape. Knowing the nature of humans, Kaiju No. 9 turned his attention to Kurusu and Kikoru and attacked them. No. 9’s sudden action results in Kafka and Gen rescuing their comrades instead of continuing their attacks.

Kaiju No. 9 escaped from Kafka and Gen Narumi.

As they helped Kikoru and Kurusu, Kaiju No. 9 used the opportunity to fly and escape. However, before departing, the monster informed Kafka that the next time he moves, it will mark the beginning of the Kaiju era, implying that an all-out war between humans and monsters will ensue.

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