Kohei Horikoshi Reveals That My Hero Academia May End Within 1 Year

During Jump Fest 2022, Kohei Horikoshi has revealed that his superhero manga My Hero Academia, also known as Boku no Hero Academia, may end if his plans go well.

While these statements from the My Hero Academia author will surely sadden the fans, it still depends on the plan if it goes accordingly. In case something unwanted happens, Kohei Horikoshi said that he will be releasing another statement next year.

Along with the potential ending of the manga series, the author also confirms that Katsuki Bakugo will be playing a major role during the final act of the series. The details of his role are still unknown, but theories about Bakugo sacrificing his life for Izuku Midoriya have already been spreading online.

Currently, the manga is still in the midst of the crisis after Yuga Aoyama reveals himself as a villain and spy that AFO sent. Fans are still processing this reveal as most of them believe that Toru Hagakure, the invisible girl, was the traitor among the Class 1-A students of UA High School.

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