Magic Knights Unites to Fight Lucifero in Black Clover Chapter 318

Yuki Tabata’s manga series has been at its peak since the start of the Spade Kingdom Arc. Well, who doesn’t want to see the fight against the Dark Triad, right? While the manga sees a victory against the Dark Triad, it seems that the war is not over after Lucifero appeared.

Despite the incomplete manifestation, Lucifero was still able to make his appearance in front of Asta and the Magic Knights. In the 318th chapter of the Black Clover, titled “Presence of the Demon King”, the manga gives a taste of the power of the highest-ranking devil.

Lucifero stops Asta’s attack using his bare hand.

The chapter starts with Lucifero confronting Asta and Liebe after interfering with his full manifestation. Liebe and Asta used their Devil Union to fight Lucifero. Their power was not enough to take down the devil. Lucifero demonstrated his power by stopping Asta’s attack using his bare hand.

While holding Asta’s sword, Lucifero slides his finger to the edge of the sword, resulting in him being wounded. The wound annoyed Lucifero, which resulted in the devil attacking Asta. Asta, who is still in his Devil Union form, was thrown to the ground and felt the pain from the attack.

Asta tried to stand and face Lucifero again, but he heard someone speaking behind him about him giving all his best to fight the devil. It turns out that they are the other Magic Knights who decided to unite and fight Lucifero all at once.

Magic Knights unites to fight Lucifero.

With all the magic that they have, is it enough to defeat Lucifero? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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