The ending of the Naruto: Shippuden series disappointed many fans who had hoped to see Naruto and Sakura finally together as a couple.

Even Kishimoto’s wife was opposed to the idea, he claims: “I had no idea there was such a stir. In fact, I nearly caused a schism in my own home because my wife was upset that Naruto married Hinata rather than Sakura.”

Many people can see that Naruto and Sakura had a good friendship and may have complemented each other in some way, but according to Masashi Kishimoto, they would never end up together, and the creator explained why.

When Kishimoto first introduced Sakura, he thought of her as just another character. Kishimoto revealed that Sakura was on the same level as Kiba or Shikamaru, so Naruto and Sakura being a couple didn’t bother her.

The Naruto manga author also revealed that he baited fans by showing Naruto and Hinata together. The series creator also explains why this romance did not begin sooner.

“To be honest, there wasn’t a lot of room or time to include such details. Naruto is a fighting manga, not a love story. You must decide what to emphasize, based on your assumptions about what readers want to see,” says Masashi Kishimoto. “So I never considered making them a couple, but I did include some bait to make readers think so. Naruto and Hinata had planned to marry from the start,” he added.

More About Naruto: Shippuden

The nine-tails beasts known attacked the Konoha Village resulting in the destruction of the village and taking many innocent lives. The leader of the Konoha, Minato Namikaze, and her wife Kushina Uzumaki, gave their life to seal the Kyubi into their newborn son, Naruto. Naruto was orphaned due to the Kyubi attack and knowing that he’s a Jinchuriki of the nine-tailed fox, the villages feared and despise him. In his desire to be recognized by the village, Naruto Uzumaki vowed to become a Hokage one day.

Naruto Shippuden is a Japanese manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto. Since the manga started in September 1999, it managed to garner a total of 72 volumes. An anime movie and animated TV series were also created based on the original plot and timeline of the manga series. In November 2014, the Naruto manga series has officially ended. After two years, Shueisha has announced the sequel of the series featuring Boruto, the son of Naruto, as the main protagonist of the new manga series titled Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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