My Hero Academia Chapter 318: Bakugo Defeats Dictator and Saved Deku

It’s been a long time since the last appearance of Bakugo, and finally, Deku’s childhood friend has reappeared in the series. Thanks to Chapter 318 of the Boku no Hero Academia. Manga fans got to see the Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight!

So, what exactly happened in My Hero Academia Chapter 318? Below, we will discuss and breakdown the highlights of the chapter.

Foreign Pro Heroes Coming Soon

After being mentioned a while ago, My Hero Academia 318 has finally confirmed that Pro Hero from other countries will be arriving in Japan. Given that many Japanese pro heroes have already left their positions, reinforcement from foreign countries will be arriving soon. Endeavor expressed his concerns to Deku and informed the OFA user of the arrival of the overseas pro heroes that will help them.

AFO Predecessors Worried About Deku

Seeing his successor acting like this, it was only natural that the predecessors of One For All were worried about Deku’s condition. It’s just that they couldn’t understand Deku’s actions in the previous One For All.

In fact, the second One For All user feels that what Deku is doing is right. Only the second user felt that there was something that could help Deku at this point.

What does the second All for One user mean?

Deku, the dreaded Superhero?

As usual, Deku goes around as a superhero to save people in need. Unfortunately, Deku’s appearance does not make him appear to be a hero. Moreover, with the few quirks he has, Deku even seems like a subordinate of All For One, even though at that time he was saving people from a crowd of criminals.

This is very unfortunate, considering that Deku originally became a superhero because he admired All Might. If you remember, All Might’s arrival has always been able to calm anyone who is in danger.

On the other hand, Deku is currently so focused on All For One that he doesn’t seem to care, even though the residents, instead of feeling safe, are even afraid of Deku’s presence.

By the way, among the villains that Deku raided, there were a few wearing costumes, like Stain. Are they a group of admirers of Stain’s ideology?

Deku is the Next Target

Horikoshi emphasized the similarity of the words All For One and All Might be aimed at Deku in My Hero Academia 318. We previously discussed these parallels in our discussion of My Hero Academia 316.

All Might’s words in chapter 94 are exactly the same as All For One’s words in chapter 316. This All For One statement emphasizes as we discussed previously, that Deku inherited not only All Might’s determination and ambition as a Symbol of Peace, but also the evil intentions aimed at him.

Of course, the teacher’s and his main enemy’s words become a burden for Deku!

Smiles of Deku’s Colleagues is his Motivation

We also see what motivates Deku to stay afloat, which is to be able to smile again with his coworkers. Unfortunately, this section emphasizes Deku’s primary goal of becoming a Hero and heir to One For All.

Deku should be a symbol of justice who makes everyone he saves happy, not just himself and his closest friends. In fact, Deku’s recent appearance frightens those who should need assistance.

Dictator Assassin Appeared

When Deku begins to appear tired and staggered, a new enemy with the alias Dictator appears in front of him. Dictator appeared to be purposefully waiting for a tired Deku to attack him. Dictator attacks Deku using the Despot quirk, which allows him to control innocent people like a puppet.

This section demonstrates Deku’s heroic spirit once more, as he is unable to attack if he risks injuring others. Unfortunately, this passage also shows that the current Deku is attempting to support everything on his own. Deku believes that he can still defeat the Dictator using his strategy.

In fact, it was clear that Deku had been cornered by Dictator’s invasion of citizens!

Bakugo Takes Down Dictator

Bakugou appears out of nowhere and dispatches the Dictator with an AP Shot! Bakugou appeared to be holding a smartphone in his hand, notifying whoever he was calling that Deku was standing in front of him.

Bakugou most likely contacted his comrades, based on the words of the previous two users of One For All. If anyone can help Deku right now, it’s probably his friend! It’s not impossible that Deku’s UA School friends have been looking for him all this time after he left.

It’s strange that Deku’s classmates are silent, especially after learning the secret of One For All. And now Bakugou and Deku have discovered it!

What do you think they’re going to do to Deku? What role do Deku’s friends play in the fight against All For One? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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