My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Delayed, Staff Announces New Release Date

Many manga readers are excited to read My Hero Academia Chapter 326. However, it seems that Boku no Hero Academia fans will have to wait a little longer as the manga series has faced an unexpected delay. You may have been wondering why the new chapter has been delayed. Read on as we tell you all the details that we know about the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 326.

Previously on My Hero Academia Chapter 326

Boku no Hero Academia is currently in the midst of the Tartarus Escapees Arc. The Class 1-A students were able to retrieve Izuku Midoriya back to the UA, but the civilians sheltering the academy neglected the presence of Izuku as they believed that he was the cause of all the confusion. But thanks to Deku’s classmates and friends who stood up for him and turned the tides around.

Currently, the One for All Quirk user is now being accepted by the civilians after hearing the words from his classmates. At the same time, the fate of restoring peace and happiness has appeared after Deku promised to take back everything.

While this is an emotional moment for the My Hero Academia series, everyone is hyped about the cliffhanger of the previous chapter. As Aizawa returned to the scene, he immediately turned the fire on by saying that it was time for them to take revenge.

My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Release Date

Why is the new Boku no Hero Academia manga chapter delayed? Chapter 326 is supposed to release on September 12th but due to the unexpected health concern of Kohei Horikoshi, the manga author and creator of the series, the release has been rescheduled.

The details Kohei Horikoshi’s health issues were not disclosed by the staff of My Hero Academia. Instead, they revealed the new release date of the chapter. According to the announcement, My Hero Academia Chapter 326 will officially release on September 18th, as part of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine Issue #42.

Of course, once the new chapter releases, it will also be available for online reading. You can find the latest chapter of My Hero Academia on Manga Plus and Viz.

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