My Hero Academia Chapter 331: Shigaraki Details Star and Stripe’s Quirk

My Hero Academia Chapter 331, titled “America“, was officially released on October 31, 2021, and is now available on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

The manga starts with the ongoing fight between Stars and Stripes against Shigaraki. Following Star and Stripes’ attack, Shigaraki grew his hair, which she immediately noticed.

Shigaraki Understands Stars and Stripes’ Quirk

Shigaraki was seen standing on top of the USA’s stealth aircraft while saying that he already understood Stars and Stripes’ Quirk, which is called New Order. Shigaraki states that her Quirk may be known as the strongest Quirk, but there are still limits to it.

Shigaraki Explains How Star and Stripes Quirk Works

The government of the United States of America kept America’s number 1 hero Star and Stripes Qurik confidential. While the government is trying to hide her quirk, her public hero work gives them an idea of how her quirk works. After touching a target and calling out its name, she can freely impose any rule upon it. It’s an almost fantastical power to control others like child’s play. Shigaraki reveals that after fighting the USA’s number 1 hero, he figured out a lot of things, suggesting that there has to be a limit to how much she can power up and strengthen her body. Shigaraki also noted that it appears that the hero’s power has no limit to weakening things.

With him being still alive after Stars and Stripes called out his name, Shigaraki suggests that the imposed rule has no effect on objects that have no identity. The target should also recognize themselves by that identity for Stars and Stripes to properly impose the rule.

Stars and Stripes Recognized Shigaraki as a Worldwide Threat

After all the attacks, Shigaraki was still able to survive and live. Stars and Stripes’ quirk and concentrated laser beams seem to have no effect on him. The number 1 pro hero of the United States of America asked her comrade to inform Commander Ackbar about this matter.

Star and Stripes realize that while they have already acted out of line, they have to use it here against the enemy, as she sees Shigaraki as not just an enemy of Japan, but a worldwide threat. Stars and Stipes promised to pulverize Shigaraki even if their methods were illegal in Japan.

Stars and Stripes Solidify the Atmosphere

Stars and Stripes suddenly jumped and drove Shigaraki away from the aircraft. Upon landing on the aircraft, Star and Stripes used her quirk to solidify the atmosphere and become 1000 bigger than her size.

America’s number 1 hero punched Shigaraki. Following the powerful punch, she used the solidified atmosphere to crash Shigaraki but the villain was too hard to be crashed. Star and Stripes asked his comrades to fire all of their lasers at her. Using her quirk, she combined the laser beams into one and attacked Shigaraki once again.

Commander Ackbar Contacts Stars and Stripes

While trying to keep Shigaraki in place, Commander Ackbar reached out to the hero. The commander informed the number one hero that she may lose her hero license, but the hero didn’t care at all and immediately asked about the preparations. Commander Ackbar responded that she had only one shot and that Japan had already been informed and they should be arriving soon. Because of her attitude, Commander Ackbar noted that the number one hero of the United States of America is not abiding by any rules, but because of her attitude, it makes their country shine.

Stars and Stripes Real Name Revealed

As the conversation between Star and Stripes and Commander Ackbar continues, the commander tells the number one hero that even All Might failed to capture Shigaraki. Commander Ackbar challenges Stars and Stripes to surpass All Might by capturing Shigaraki while calling her Cathy.

The United States of America Launches Intercontinental Missiles

Following the Stars and Stripes’ name reveal, the hero said it’s called Tiamat – referring to the missiles that were launched by the United States of America. As the chapter gets to its final spread, missiles are spotted crossing the skies. These are the new model hypersonic intercontinental cruise missiles called Tiamat.

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