My Hero Academia Chapter 332: Shigaraki Reaches Star and Stripe

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 332, titled “New Model Hypersonic Intercontinental Ballistics,” was officially released on November 7, 2021, and is now available on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

The manga starts with a flashback of Star and Stripe while having a conversation with his comrades. While her friends are trying to make fun of her being not so good at increasing her own strength, they told them that the problem is not her but the quirk itself.

Star and Stripe’s comrade cheers her up.

They also told her that if she couldn’t do something, Star and Stripe could rely on and leave it to them, as they were all human after all.

Back on the battlefield, the hypersonic ballistic missiles are already approaching. Star and Stripe still haven’t released the lasers yet as she was still trying to keep Shigaraki in place. However, Shigaraki noticed her action, and at the same time, he also sensed that something with greater firepower was approaching.

Star and Stripe retraining Shigaraki.

Star and Stripe’s comrades told her that they were clear to engage and the countdown for the arrival of the missiles began. Soon after the missiles arrived, Star and Stripe touched and set a new order to control the missiles. The new rule that has been implemented immediately took effect, while Star and Stripe grab them using the solidified atmosphere. Shortly, Star and Stripe punched Shigaraki with the hypersonic ballistic missile.

Star and Stripe attack Shigaraki using Hypersonic Ballistic missiles.

Endeavor, who was still far from the battlefield, saw the huge explosion. Following this attack, the allies still don’t have the status of Shigaraki, while Star and Stripe see a hole on the surface. It turns out that Shigaraki used his quirk to quickly dive deep underground and to reduce the impact of the attack.

Shigaraki survives after Star and Stripe’s attack.

After the attack, Shigaraki appeared and rushed towards Star and Stripe. The aircraft accompanying Star and Stripe tried to protect the hero, but Shigaraki used them as a platform to easily reach Star and Stripe.

Shigraki reaches Star and Stripe..

The hero’s comrades asked the USA’s number one hero to attack Shigaraki once again, but Star and Stripe remembered their friendship. Instead of attacking Shigaraki, which would also kill her comrades, Star and Stripe didn’t do anything and allowed Shigaraki to reach her. Shigaraki was seen grabbing Star and Stripe’s face.

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